Tropoje Staatsanwalt „Besim Hajdarmataj“ wurde in Albanien gefeuert

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9 May 18
Albania Fires Prosecutor in Ex-Minister’s Drugs Case

Temporary General Prosecutor Arta Marku on Wednesday dismissed Besim Hajdarmataj, who was working on a drug-smuggling case against former interior minister and ruling party MP Saimir Tahiri, from his position as head of the Serious Crime Prosecution office.

Lindita Cela


Prosecutor Besim Hajdarmataj. Photo: Gent Shkullaku/LSA

In a statement released on Wednesday Marku said that his office believes that the sacking of Hajdarmataj “will bring results in fast and effective penal proceedings for cases with a high priority.”

Hajdarmataj however told BIRN that he didn’t knew the reason for his firing, but he expected to be able to continue to work on Tahiri’s case.

Prosecutors have claimed they have reasonable suspicion that Tahiri was involved in drug-trafficking while he was a minister, aiding a drugs smuggling ring directed by his cousins.

„The motivation was not clear but I believe it has to do with the aim of giving a boost to the working of the Serious Crime Prosecution. I assume that the order that fired me makes me also a [lower-level] prosecutor in the same office,“ Hajdarmataj said.

„I am unable to say on what grounds I was discharged but the only file with which I am currently involved directly is that of the former minister Saimir Tahiri. I will continue to work on the case for as long as I do not receive another order,“ he added.

Hajdarmataj is one of three prosecutors who last year asked parliament’s permission to arrest Tahiri on drug-smuggling charges.

But governing Socialist Party MPs and Prime Minister Edi Rama claimed the prosecutors had a political agenda and rejected the request, describing it as politically motivated.

Tahiri denies the allegations against him.

Marku was put in place by the Socialist Party majority last December to hold the general prosecutor’s position temporarily until the country’s justice reforms are enacted and new judicial officials are appointed.


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