Drogen, Mafia Clans, Influenser: Radojka Kecman, verhaftet

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Vollkommen“Influenser“, smartphone verblödet, real eine Prostiuierte 26 Jahre, im Solde berüchtigter Balkan Verbrecher Clans aus Kotor wieder mal, ein grossen Waffenlager, auch mit Schalldämpfer Waffen, wurde beschlagnahmt! Tief im Drogen- und Waffenhandel verstrickt, mit ihrem Serben Freund 57 Jahre: ,Svetozar Zivkovic der Schwedischen Pass hat. Die Frauen Service ist gut auch bei Deutschen Politikern, wie Michael Steiner, General Bühler, Rezzo Schlauch, die von der Albaner Mafia eingekauft wurden.


Radojka Kecman is an influencer and pop musician who is known for risque Instagram photos and a lavish lifestyle. She is often seen in photos with other more famous local music and film stars, and has managed to accumulate more than 20,000 followers.

A 25-year old Serbian Instagram star and singer has been imprisoned for the possession of two assault rifles allegedly intended for use by organised crime.

Radojka Kecman, was jailed for 30 days on Thursday after guns were found in her apartment in Novi Sad last week. She now faces charges of manufacturing, possessing and trafficking illegal weaponry as part of an ongoing investigation.

Kecman was arrested alongside a Svetozar Zivkovic, a 59-year old Swedish national and friend to the Instagram influencer, as part of a single operation.

The Police discovered a much larger arsenal in Kecman’s possession, in Bajmok, a village near the city of Subotica.

The Swedish citizen was found in possession of 11 Kalashnikov rifles, 11 converted pistols, 10 silencers, and a mountain of of ammunition, according to the Serbian Ministry of Interior. Radojka Kecman (pictured), 25, has been jailed for 30 days for possession of two assault rifles

Reports claim that local authorities suspect the pair are involved in criminal organisations and fellow members are concerned that the singer may provide incriminating information about her alleged criminal associates while in custody, potentially resulting in further arrests.

According to an anonymous source „Kecman is worried about her arrest. She cries all the time and is very scared of prison“ while „evidence indicates that the couple was keeping them for someone else.“

One of the rifles was covered in a flammable liquid called trick, often used by criminals to dispose of the guns quickly, thus getting rid of evidence.

The police are determined to find the origins of the arsenal and where they were destined.

The Montenegrin newspaper Borba claims that the weapons were meant for the Skaljar Clan (Slaughter Clan), a violent organised crime group based in Kotor, Montenegro. The Skaljar Klan are reportedly in a state of warfare with another organisation called the Kavac Klan after a 200kg cocaine heist in 2014 in Valencia, Spain.

According to the Bosnian website, Telegraf, both groups are involved in the trafficking of drugs into and throughout Western Europe as well as illegal possession of firearms, money laundering and corruption.

Serbian Instagram influencer is jailed for possessing assault rifles she was holding for notorious Balkan crime syndicate

  • Radojka Kecman, 25, jailed for having two assault rifles in Novi Sad apartment   
  • Swedish friend, Svetozar Zivkovic, 59, nicked for holding 11 AK47s and 11 pistols
  • Reports say they were storing the weaponry for a powerful Montenegro gang
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