„Hermann Spitz“ dreister EU Kaspar, fordert von Montenegro: „Kampf gegen die Korruption“

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Solche Show Leute, sind Dirigenten im Kaspar Theater der EU, vollkommen unnütze Leute, oft ohne Beruf, fordern Dinge, welche es  im Betrugs Spektrakel der EU nicht einmal gibt! In der EU werden jedes Jahr hohe Milliarden Summen unterschlagen, aber eine Strafverfolgung hat es noch nie gegeben, was der Traum der übelsten Mafia Organisationen ebenso ist, die EU vorlebt.

Eine Dumm kriminelle Frau, soll jetzt die Show auf die EU Ebene übertragen

Entsetzen in Rumänien, das man die Dumm, korrupte Laura Kovesi, zur EU Staatsanwältin ernennen will


Korruptions Motor EU und Deutschland, und ein dummer EU Delegationsleiter, mit Georg Soros NGOs, fordert Montenegro auf die Korruption zu bekämpfen, was in die EU, in der Weisungs gebundenen Mafia Klietel Justiz der Deutschen: Straffrei ist.  Man hat Deppen facebook account natürlich

Montenegro must fight corruption at the local level

Montenegro must fight corruption at the local level

Corruption at the local level in Montenegro is not only a local problem since it requires a multisectoral and comprehensive response. This was concluded at the Annual National Conference on Fighting Corruption at the Local Level, organised by the Centre for Civic Education (CCE).

The Head of the Cooperation Section in the Delegation of the European Union to Montenegro, Herman Spitz, said that good governance and the rule of law are fundamental for every democratic State.

“That is why reforms in the area of the rule of law are important and critical, and the EU has repeatedly emphasised that Montenegro’s progress in reforming the area of the rule of law will determine the speed of negotiations,” said Spitz.

He said that he was pleased to see more and more Montenegrin citizens at the local level “raising their voice,” by pointing to corruption cases and acting to protect the public interest. Expressing dissatisfaction is not only a right but also a duty of the citizens, said Spitz.

“Corruption at the local level, as in any other form, will not disappear on its own. It requires action, painful cuts, effective processes to be carried out by competent authorities, and also a strong political will,” added Spitz.

Fighting corruption at the local level is a key challenge in building the rule of law as the cornerstone of a democratic society aspired by Montenegro, said the Minister of Public Administration, Suzana Pribilović. According to Pribilović, one of the basic features of democracy is the transparency of the system. Pribilović explained that, by bringing a new law on local self-government, a series of activities that should contribute to improving the transparency of local self-governments have started.

“An effective public administration is the only governmental body which can provide services to citizens at all levels and at all times, and is constantly aware that it is there for the citizens who pay for it,” said Pribilović.

The Executive Director of the Centre for Civic Education (CCE), Daliborka Uljarević, said that corruption has devastating consequences and harms all citizens. She said that the key levers of the fight against corruption have an excess of inappropriate political influence and a lack of integrity, expertise and courage, which are serious limitations to the essential fight against corruption.  https://balkaneu.com/montenegro-must-fight-corruption-at-the-local-level/

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