Miller’s Macedonian connection to the Ancient Nemean Games to the next crazy NATO Mafia State

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Miller’s Macedonian connection to the Ancient Nemean Games

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ANCIENT NEMEA, GREECE – Stephen Miller, the renowned American classical Archaeologist from the University of California at Berkeley and the architect of the revival of the Nemean Games on antiquity, is already preparing for next year’s event from his base on the Peloponnesian Peninsula. The front covers of the brochures for the seventh, and next,

MINA finds the real spotter candidate for the US Embassy is Gordana Siljanovska due to her family ties to the DPNE’s “leader” Hristijan Mickoski and the fact she’s spent two decades in USAid/Soros NGOs.
In fact, here is a summary of who Gordana Siljanovska is:

  • Minister in Crvenkovski’s Government.
  • Mickoski’s Auntie
  • Sekerinska’s best friend
  • Deskoska’s best friend
  • Prominent member in Colored Revolution
  • One of #ProfesorskiPlenum founders
  • Long time board member in Soros Open Society Foundation

Fikus Ivanov: Too bad they changed the name, congrats on NATO

Horhe Ivanov has welcomed the signing of the country’s accession protocol for NATO membership. Macedonia’s silent president believes that, unfortunately, the fact remains that the…
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