Johannes Hahn, die EU Spinner werden von den Albanern in Serbien ignoriert

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Komplette Verweigerung der Albaner in Serbien dem Verbrecher Staat: Kosovo mit Gebietsaustausch beizutreten. Probleme welche die korrupten Internationalen staendig erfinden, auch den Kosovo Krieg, die Mazedonischen Terroranschlaege organisieren wie der CIA Offizier Robert Baer in allen Details schilderte, wie man im Balkan mit Hass und Anschlaegen den Buergerkrieg mit Kriminellen organisierte

Monday, August 27, 2018

„Albanians from Medvedja don’t want to join Kosovo“

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The Mayor of Medvedja, Nebojsa Arsic said he hadn’t heard from the Albanian representatives there or anywhere else that they wanted to join Kosovo.


Medvedja is not a part of Presevo valley. The majority of municipality’s population are Serbs.

„There is no ethnic animosity here. There are no exclusively „Serbian“ or „Albanian“ restaurants, people spend time together, congratulate religious holidays to each other…. It is an example of a functioning multi-ethnic place,“ Arsic said for Vecernje Nnovosti daily .

Arsic said that delineation was the subject for the highest state authorities to discuss and that state bodies were the place for discussion about rights of Albanians from this part of Serbia.

According to the last census conducted in 2011, Medvedja has a population of 7,742 inhabitants of which there are a bit over 500 Albanians. There are also small minorities of Montenegrin and Roma people.

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