Bosnien’s Kriegsverbrecher von Atif Dudakovic, Ekrem Ibracevic bis Naser Oric

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11 May 18

Bosniak Ex-Fighter Jailed for Crimes Against Serb Prisoners

Former Territorial Defence force security officer Ekrem Ibracevic was sentenced to three years in prison for crimes against Serb civilian prisoners held in poor conditions at detention centres in Srebrenik in 1992.

Admir Muslimovic


Ekrem Ibracevic (front row, right) in court at his original trial. Photo: Bosnian state court.

The appeals chamber of the state court in Sarajevo on Friday found Ekrem Ibracevic guilty of responsibility for inhumane conditions in the Rapatnica and Luke detention centres in Srebrenik in north-east Bosnia, where five Serb civilians were held in the summer of 1992.

Ekrem committed his crime in his capacity as head of military security for the Srebrenik Municipal Headquarters of the Territorial Defence force, the court found.

According to the charges, the five Serb detainees were held in a three-metre-by-three-metre room at the Rapatnica detention facility with no windows, washrooms or basic hygiene.

Explaining the verdict, judge Dragomir Vukoje said it had been proved at the trial that the defendant committed a war crime against the civilian population.

“The people who were held in detention were not direct participants in the conflict and had previously handed over their weapons,” Vukoje said.

Ibracevic “failed to undertake actions to improve conditions in the detention facilities”, he added.

Under the first-instance verdict in October 2016, Ibracevic was also sentenced to three years in prison, but the verdict was revoked and a retrial ordered.

Ibracevic stood trial the first time with two other men, Faruk Smajlovic and Sejdalija Covic, but they were acquitted under a separate second-instance verdict of unlawful detention, torture and inhumane treatment.

Smajlovic was the commander of the traffic section of the military police in charge of guarding detention facilities, while Covic was a military policeman.

Friday’s verdict convicting Ibracevic cannot be appealed.

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