„Vetting“ und etliche korrupte Richter und Staatanwälte traten zurück in Albanien

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Vetting, the Numbers So Far

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Vetting, the Numbers So Far KPK hearing for judge Besim Trezhnjeva, April 11
The reassessment of judiciary officials began in November 2017 and will include 800 judges and prosecutors, as well as a number of other members of the judiciary.

Since the Justice Reform was instituted, 17 prosecutors and judges have left their positions.

To date, only 5 officials have undergone reassessment from the Independent Qualification Commission (KPK).

Of those, 3 have been dismissed: 2 judges, Fatos Lulo and Besim Trezhnjeva, and 1 prosecutor, Besa Nikëhasani. All three have been dismissed as a result of their inability to justify their wealth.

Even though assessees may appeal KPK’s decision at the Appeal Chamber (KA) – per procedures foreseen in Annex C(2) of the Constitution – until now, none have.

Judge Altina Xhoxhaj is still being reassessed. In her KPK hearing, the commission claimed that she was unable to justify her wealth and the amount of cash money under the name of her partner. The decision on Xhoxhaj was, however, postponed, because the judge presented KPK with new evidence.

The only judge to have successfully passed the vetting process, to date, is Supreme Court judge Vitore Tushaj.

Below, find the judges and prosecutors that have been dismissed or have resigned following the beginning of the vetting process:

  1. Mirela Fana – Supreme Court judge, chairperson of the Council of Judicial Nominations (KED), resigned
  2. Ilir Pashaj – Elbasan Court judge, resigned
  3. Drita Velaj – Kukës Court judge, resigned
  4. Besnik Imeraj – Constitutional Court judge, resigned
  5. Ilir Çeliku – Vlora Appeals Court judge, resigned
  6. Ibrahim Hoxha – Tirana Court judge, dismissed by the High Council of Justice (KLD), for causes unrelated to the vetting
  7. Shyqyri Çobo – Berat Court judge, dismissed by the High Council of Justice (KLD), for causes unrelated to the vetting
  8. Ermir Beta – prosecutor
  9. Sulejman Tola – prosecutor
  10. Adriatik Llalla – did not exercise his right to re-enter the judiciary following the end of his term as General Prosecutor
  11. https://exit.al/en/2018/04/27/vetting-the-numbers-so-far/
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