normale Betrugs Geschäfte des Zoran Zaev: Phantoms make millions by selling ore from ‘Feni’

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immer die selben Methoden über Offshore Firmen, reine Betrugs Geschäfte bei Privatisierungen

Phantoms make millions by selling ore from ‘Feni’

Phantoms make millions by selling ore from ‘Feni’

Phantom-firm from the Bahamas managed ‘Feni Industry’. The company won an advertisement for processing nickel ore, although it is not known who signed the contract on its behalf. The Bankruptcy Trustee and the Bankruptcy Judge greatly assisted on this, ‘Transparency International’ said yesterday, accusing them of corrupt behavior and filed criminal charges against them. ‘Transparency’ reported that it received a complaint from Kuniko Resources, claiming that Deputy Prime Minister Koco Angjusev was involved in the corrupt business around the Kavadarci-based company. A copy of the letter was sent to the Transparency headquarters in Berlin and Brussels, as well as to Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, and now Angjusev is expected to respond.Bankruptcy proceedings, although court-based, are non-transparent and do not respect the Bankruptcy Law, the fighters against corruption have found. According to Transparency, the Bankruptcy Trustee Miroslav Anastasievski published an announcement on January 3rd for collecting written offers for concluding a contract for processing nickel ore, which contained insufficiently certain conditions on the basis of which it could perform the selection of bids and selection of the most favorable one.

„On the contrary, it contains conditions for creating a predetermination for a particular bidder and giving it an advantage, and then on the basis of a selectively profiled announcement, a contract is concluded. With it, the Bankruptcy Trustee handed over all its rights to the foreign company: Global Special Opportunities Ltd., registered in the Bahamas, to acquire an unequal contract, which provides significant material gain and is harmful to the bankruptcy debtor and leads them to disadvantaged bankruptcy creditors,“ said Slagjana Taseva.

In fact, the deal is full of illogicalities. The owner of the firm is unknown, and the signatory of the contract has no name and surname, but only a foreign passport number without mentioning which country it comes from.

„Obviously, everything is done to protect their identity. They obviously know very well what they are doing, because the price of nickel ore has never been higher than it is now, so they have made significant financial gain,“ Transparency said.

Judge Valentina Gjorgjievska, however, failed to fulfill her obligations for supervision and did not initiate an account for determining the identity of the foreign signatory, and therefore a complaint has been filed with the Trial Chamber with a request to examine her work in the procedure.

Transparency also doubts other irregularities, so they wonder how this one month ago there was an outflow of funds to pay bank creditors when the Central Registry continues to register their claims. On the other hand, a non-governmental organization recently received a complaint from „Cunico Resources“, a former owner of „Feni“, in which they stated that Koco Angjusev, Deputy Prime Minister, played games in order for the company to not end up with the GSOL, with that he wanted to stop the entry of „Enekod“ in Macedonia, that is, to protect the share that the EDS market had on the market, which was sold to Greek owners yesterday for 4.8m euros.

„A contact has been made to check the allegations in the letter, which has been sent to our headquarters in Berlin and Brussels, as well as to Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, and we are now expecting an answer from Angjusev,“ concluded Taseva.

Deputy Prime Minister Koco Angjusev’s office stated for the media that he no longer owns the EDS and that the bankruptcy procedure is conducted in accordance with the law.

„The bankruptcy procedure is conducted in accordance with the law on bankruptcy with appropriate management bodies for the preservation of the bankruptcy estate, with the ultimate goal of protecting the interests of the creditors. The Government, within its activities, keeps a close watch on the situation in order to protect the public interest because Feni Industry is a key industrial capacity, employing over 700 workers. The company determines the economic living in the Kavadarci region, but also in the country,“ the deputy prime minister’s office said.

The day before yesterday, Komercijalna Bank and Stopanska Bank – Skopje informed the Macedonian Stock Exchange that along with 11 other legal and natural persons they were sued before the Amsterdam court and all together they have to pay EUR 30.7 million as compensation for damage suffered by the companies owners to „Feni“, before the plant to take over the Swiss company GSOL. Among the plaintiffs in the process are „Cunico Resources“, „International Mineral Resources“, „Summerside Investment“ and „Cunico Marketing FZE“.

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