Mafia Republik: Kosovo – Haradinaj as one of „5 most wanted geopolitical fugitives“

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Haradinaj as one of „5 most wanted geopolitical fugitives“

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Ramush Haradinaj has made it to the Time magazine’s list of the five most wanted „geopolitical fugitives“ of 2018.IZVOR: TANJUG WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 31, 2018 |The US outlet put Haradinaj in the company of Carles Puigdemont, Fethullah Gulen, Julian Assange, and Mikheil Saakashvili.The article, published on the magazine’s website, says that Haradinaj, who is now Kosovo prime minister, „made his name in the late 1990s during the conflict there.““A commander of the Kosovo Liberation Army, he was accused of presiding over the torture and murder of Serbs, but given a lack of evidence, he was cleared of war crimes by the UN in both 2008 and 2012. That wasn’t good enough for Serbia, which refuses to recognize Kosovo as an independent nation, and wants Haradinaj to be extradited to face justice in its courts,“ writes the Time magazine, and adds:

„It’s not only in Serbia that Haradinaj faces legal challenges. At the behest of Western allies and helped by EU funding, Kosovo’s parliament in 2015 agreed to set up a special war crimes court based in the Netherlands but operating under Kosovo’s jurisdiction, a move widely considered instrumental in helping stabilize Balkan geopolitics. Only now that indictments are set to come down, Haradinaj and other members of Kosovo’s political elite are looking for ways to derail the inquiries.“

The article continues to say that the US and EU — who led the NATO bombing campaign „against Serbia’s Slobodan Milosevic“ in the war — are both „livid at Kosovo’s perceived flaunting of Western norms and values.“

„Maybe Haradinaj and his allies figure Kosovo is too small for important geopolitical powers to care; the reality is that, to preserve the peace, they can’t afford not to,“ the article concludes.

Waffenhandel mit der Cosa Nostra, der drei Albaner verhaftet wurden (FOTO)

City investigators shut out of Rep. Eliot Engel’s illegal apartment building

Vehbi Bajrami1

Ishte ideja e Kryeredaktorit të Gazetës “Illyria” në Amerikë, Vehbi Bajrami, që jeton dhe punon në Amerikë prej 24 vitesh, të ngrinte flamurin shqiptar në Capitol Hill në nder të shkrimtarit tonë, Ismail Kadare.

Waffen- Drogen Handel über die Konsulate, ebenso die Besorgung neuer Identitäten, als Profi Kriminelle Netzwerke, der Super Mafia auch bei den Kurden, rund um die Steinmeier, Ursula von der Leyen Verbrecher Bande der Barzani’s und weiterer von Kriminellen Clans kontrollierten Staaten und Regionen, was Deutschland mit Milliarden finanziert. Das US Konsulat in „Brooklyn“ im Solde der Albaner Mafia, wo der Profi Gangster US Senator Eliot Engel, sogar ein Haus geschenckt bekam, illegal gebaut von der Albaner Mafia, Hillary Clinton, Edi Rama, direkt bei der Super Mafia auch mit Sahit Muja, Gambino clan residiert.

Albert Veliu

Wer ist Albert Veli?
Tägliche Aufgabe von Veli Albert war der eines Angestellten des Ministeriums für auswärtige Angelegenheiten, der Generalkonsul des Kosovo, Teuta Sahatqija durch New York Verkehr zu bewegen. “… im April und Mai 2017 in dem US – Territorium, die amerikanische Polizei Mittel aus der DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration), undercover, haben eine Vereinbarung mit AV, für den Kauf von 15 Stück von automatischen Waffen unterzeichnen angeblich die Drogenkartelle zu bekämpfen in Mexiko und das gab den AV – Geld dem Angeklagten „, sagte die Ankündigung der Staatsanwaltschaft.

Personat që u arrestuan në SHBA e që lidhen me këtë rast ishin: Albert Veliu, 34-vjeçar, Christopher Curanovic, 35-vjeçar, Anthony Noterile, 56-vjeçar, Xhevat Gocaj, 50-vjeçar, Dilber Kukic, 45-vjeçar, Agim Rugova, 45-vjeçar, Ekram Sejdija, 40-vjeçar, Alban Veliu, 32-vjeçar. Më 27 qershor 2017, me një aksion të koordinuar mes policisë e prokurorisë së Kosovës dhe të SHBA–ve, të gjithë të pandehurit janë arrestuar në flagrancë, në territoret e të dy shteteve. Hetimet e para nga DEA thonë se kanë zbuluar se Christopher Curanovic, një anëtar i “Cosa Nostra”, kishte provuar të zhvaste një borxh nga një ish-anëtar i bandës kriminale. “Agjentët kanë arritur të shohin se Veliu, Curanovic dhe Noterile, kishin krijuar skemë jolegale në të cilën bënin pastrimin e parave”, thuhej në njoftimin e Departamentit të Drejtësisë së SHBA-së. Gjatë këtij hetimi është parë se të dyshuarit kishin arritur të bënin pastrimin e rreth 800 mijë dollarëve. /Express

City investigators shut out of Rep. Eliot Engel’s illegal apartment building

Sunday, July 17th 2011, 4:00 AM

Congressman Eliot Engel is a part owner a Bronx home with an illegal basement apartment.

Enid Alvarez/News

Congressman Eliot Engel is a part owner a Bronx home with an illegal basement apartment.

Rep. Eliot Engel and a business partner have repeatedly ignored city efforts to shut down an illegal apartment at a Bronx building they own, the Daily News has learned.

One city agency cited the owners of 1142 Metcalf Ave. in early 2009, and since then inspectors repeatedly tried to investigate complaints that the illegal unit never went away.

Again and again, Engel and his business partner ignored them, and the initial violation remains open, records show.

Six times since 2009, Buildings Department inspectors door-knocked the six-unit building owned by Engel, (D-Bronx/Westchester), and his partner, local businessman Harry Bajraktari.

Each time they couldn’t get in, so each time they left notices instructing the owners to contact the agency to arrange an appointment – six notices in all since 2009. The latest visit took place last month.

Each time, city officials say, the owners ignored the request.

Engel’s involvement with the Metcalf Ave. apartments began in mid-2008 when Bajraktari, his friend and benefactor, suggested over drinks that Engel become a 24% partner in a six-unit building he was thinking of buying.

Bajraktari, who manages more than two dozen properties in the city, says he’s been friends with Engel for more than 20 years. Since 2005, Bajraktari, one of his other partners, and their families have contributed $72,200 to Engel’s campaigns.

„We were discussing one day, you know, I’m buying this little piece of property, would you want to take a piece of it?“ Bajraktari said.

Engel said he agreed, sight unseen, and paid $30,000 for his stake in the company set up to buy the property – E & J Realty Group LLC.

„My mother had passed away [in 2007] and left me some money and I decided that I wanted to invest it,“ Engel said.

Though they bought into the property in December 2008, Engel did not reveal his ownership on either his 2008 or 2009 disclosure statements to Congress.He revealed the arrangement for the first time in May on his 2010 statement, then amended the earlier filings last week, after The News asked about it.

He claimed he „neglected to list“ the property earlier because he’d made no money off it. The forms require Congress members to report any business interests.

The city began cracking down on illegal apartments in April, after fires in two such apartments killed five people.

The city Department of Housing Preservation and Development first cited Engel’s building for an illegal basement apartment in February 2009.

After that citation, which remained open as of Friday, the Buildings Department began visiting the property to check out subsequent complaints the illegal apartment was still there.

Last week, Engel acknowledged knowing about the complaints, stating, „I think they have been cleared.“

He said his partner was managing the property and he didn’t know the details, adding, „I’m not getting involved.“

„That was one of the reasons …I didn’t buy a piece of property, I would have to manage it myself, and do plumbing and repairs and whatever,“ Engel said.

„This was a way of having somebody else manage it while I had part ownership in it. I only have minority ownership in it. I only put in 24%, so this was my way of not having to worry about that kind of stuff.“

Bajraktari blamed the problem on a tenant he said he’s been trying to evict since taking over the property. He said he hopes to get the tenant out by the end of the month.

„When we bought the building the guy was there and we tried to get him out,“ Bajraktari said. „We took him to court and the end of this month he’s leaving.“

He said they haven’t charged the basement tenant rent since taking over the property, but could not recall whether he responded to the city’s inspection notices.

Read more: und letter to Agron Kulici

 Die US-Albanische Handelskammer: FBI verhaftet erneut einen der sogenannten US Investoren in Albanien:: in Zypern

Hotel Adriatic – Durres, mit Gedenck Schrein für die Clinton’s und deren Büchern

EXCLUSIVE: Hillary Clinton’s ties to the MOB: How former Secretary of State met with Mafia heir at his pizzeria where he asked for father’s release from prison (in return for an offer she couldn’t refuse)

Dann das Hotel Bel Conti, übelster US Verbrecher ebenso aus dem Kosovo mit US Pass.


Bildergebnis für durres hotel florida

Super Geschäft, für die prominente Verbrecher Gruppe, rund um „Ben“ Hasani – Hasanbeliu.
Minister Mafisoi LSI Edmond Panariti, traf die Entscheidung, für den Kriminellen Armando Prenga, welche Albanische Gerichte inzwischen für ungültig erklärt haben.
Umwelt Folgen ohne Ende, durch die EU Geldwäsche Mafia und der Weltbank Projekte.

Die Dezentralisierungs Mafia der EU und Weltbank, und die Desaströsen Umwelt Folgen in Albanien

1998: von einer Terroristen Organisation und Drogen Mafia, im August 1998 zum Partner der US Verbrecher

Balkan CIA Operation “Roots”

März 11, 2013 Nicht nur Bob Dole, war der Ur-Zerstörer von Jugoslawien, sondern sein enger Politischer Partner Reagon gab die Order Jugoslawien zu zerstören und zu zerstückeln Reagan’s NSDD 133 (1984) “Secret and Sensitive” 15 YEARS OF THE ALBANI

Wesley Clark,Tom Kerry, John McCain bereichern die Liste der US Mafia, die sich Politiker nennen und von der Albaner Mafia schmieren lassen.

Der Haus Eigentuemer Sali Rusi:  hat direkte Verbindungen zu Edi Rama, Hashim Thaci

Premier Minister Edi Rama – Albanien: Alt Gangster Boss Sal Rusi, der Gambino Familie, wo das FBI Europa sogar in 2003 warnte


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