EU : multiculturalism is a failed policy : Ethnic Partition Would Spell Disaster for the Balkans

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Auch in UN Reports immer wieder kritisiert, die schweren Fehler der EU auf dem Balkan der Deutschen.


05 Jul 17

Motor der Auslands Bestechungs als Camorra Zirkel des Auswärtigen Amtes

Ethnic Partition Would Spell Disaster for the Balkans

Calls to rearrange Balkan borders along ethnic criteria are dangerously retrograde – and would fuel the very conflicts they seek to resolve.

George Vasilev
Map of the Balkans. Photo: Pixabay

In the latest of a series of commentary articles published in Foreign Affairs and Balkan Insight, Timothy Less has depicted interethnic relations in the Balkans as so gravely damaged that they are beyond repair.

He has implicated the European Union in this purported problem, contending that its promotion of multiculturalism is a failed policy that is steering the region towards an ethnic Armageddon where states will eventually dissolve along ethnic lines, potentially with murderous consequences.

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