Der Albanische Mafia Club, wollte den Mazedonischen Staat übernehmen

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Von der EU und den USA, finanziert, unterstützt denn Georg Soros hat viele korrupte EU Politiker eingekauft. Inklusive der Hirnlosen Botschafterinnen der Deutschen in Skopje, welche jeden Murks mitmachen seitdem Joschka Fischer, der Taxischein Besitzer das Auswärtige Amt übernahm. Errpessung, Terroristen Finanzierung wie in Kumanova, durch den Westen: Alles ist dabei. Ein Linker MdB spricht Klartext, über die ständige Einmischung der Deutschen, wo das Völkerrecht schon lange in der Mülltonne landete. Sogar eine kriminelle, korrupte Betrügerin wie Janeva, wurde als Sonderstaatanwältin eingesetzt. Die EU finanzierte sogar Vandalismus mit ihren Gender und LDGT Schwulen NGO’s, welche Regierungs Gebäude, Denckmäler mit Farbe im Taliban Stile beschädigten und im Stile der SDP – AntiFa Schläger Trupps, das Volk terrorisisierten

German MP: The West prefers albanians because they’re world’s best Vassals

Monday, 20 March 2017


German MP Dr. Alexander Neu stated that the few western countries who continue to meddle in Macedonia’s internal affairs must respect the country’s sovereignty.

– To respect someone’s sovereignty is to not meddle in that country’s internal affairs. Yet, we all know that both Berlin and Brussels continue to meddle in the internal affairs of Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro. Macedonia is under pressure. Lets talk about the Ohrid Agreement. Macedonia was blackmailed into signing this agreement by the US and NATO. The agreement granted massive concessions to the ethnic Albanian minority much to the detriment of every other minority, incuding the Macedonians themselves – says Dr. Neu who was part of the OSCE mission in Kosovo back in 1999 and has good knowledge of the region.

– What happens in Kosovo today has been ongoing. We are witnessing albanians provoking the Serbs, but Brussels has no comment.  When the Serbs responds, Brussels is hysterical and is seeking answers from the Serbs!? We saw the same thing in 2001 in Macedonia. Western nations openly supported albanian separatists and terrorists and opposed any action by the Macedonians. Not much has changed since then unfortunately – says Dr. Neu.

According to Dr. Neu, the West loves albanians because they are the best vassals anyone can ask for.

– The Macedonians and Serbs first and foremost have different culture than what we see today in the west. Culturally they are closer to Russia, which is logical. The west loves the albanians, not because of their culture or lack of it, but because they are the world’s best vassals and obey orders without questions.

Another Zaev financier busted for Drug Trafficking
Monday, 20 March 2017



A public prosecutor has ordered detention for five people and home detention for one man after a police operation held yesterday to bust a drug ring.

Charges have been filed against eight people from Prilep, Bitola and the village of Aracinovo, the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Macedonia said Sunday in a press release.

„The men are charged with illegal production and trafficking of drugs… One of the suspects is also charged with money laundering,“ it stated. One of the arrested man is the brother of the head of SDS’s local office in Arachinovo.

Two suspects are still at large, the Public Prosecutor’s Office noted.

On Saturday, the Ministry of the Interior carried out an operation against an organized criminal gang, which has been suspected of drug trafficking across Macedonia for a longer period of time.

Macedonian President Ivanov Rejects Rama’s “Foreign Platform”

Macedonian President Ivanov Rejects Rama’s “Foreign Platform”

Edi Rama’s “Tirana Agreement” from January 7, a direct intervention into the national politics of Macedonia, now threatens to throw Macedonia into a constitutional crisis and ethnic unrest. After the Macedonian general elections on December 11, Rama had invited the Albanian minority parties to Tirana to unify their position on minority rights. The agreement included […]

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