Chef US Lügen Presse: „Fox News“, hat einen Prozeß, wegen sexueller Belästigung durch die Journalistin „Lidia Curanaj“ erhalten

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Anscheinend Weltweit normal bei Medien, das man so nach Oben kommt,wie hier die Albanerin Lidia Curanaj, welche auch Nichts Anderes, bei ihren Politikern und für Jobs und Diplome kennen.

Nachdem in 2011 die Frau (38 Jahre) aus Montenegro einen Job erhielt, wurden ihr jüngere Frauen bei Posten vorgezogen, was wohl bei Medien normal ist, und ihr Chef ihr erzählte, sie sähe krank aus.

Ober Mufti, Roger Ailes. der gekauften Medien in den USA und Weltweiten Lügen Verbreitung. In den USA nahm Frau Curanaj, einen anderen Namen an, was viele Albaner machen, das man sogar mit vielen Namen operiert. Curanaj (real name: Lidija Ujkic, aus Monetengro). Journalistin ist weit her geholt, wenn ma nnur Nachrichten überwiegend abliest.

You can read the lawsuit, obtained by the Times, here.
Reporter Files Lawsuit Against 21st Century Fox Alleging Harassment from Roger Ailes
by Josh Feldman | 5:30 pm, December 13th, 2016

Lidia Curanaj


A young girl with a big dream beats the journalism odds and earns a slew of accolades along the way.

Once upon a time, Lidia Curanaj was an 11-year-old student producing fake newscasts for a class project. Now she’s a two-time Emmy Award–winning Albanian American journalist, with three first-place Associated Press awards and two New York Press Club awards under her career belt. Curanaj’s love of journalism began when she was in the sixth grade and participated in a school program wherein students were asked to put together their own news broadcast. From that point forward, Curanaj knew she wanted to be a journalist. She dedicated her school years to achieving her goal, and while enrolled in college she held several internships in the field to build her resume. Her first was at Rolling Stone magazine and her last was with ABC’s The View with Barbara Walters.

Lidia & Viktor – Wedding Trailer from AlbaPro on Vimeo.

Fox 5 reporter accuses Roger Ailes of making her stand and twirl so he ‘could see her from behind’ in lawsuit against the company!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_1200/577708184.jpg

Fox News chairman Roger Ailes walks with his wife Elizabeth Tilson as they leave the News Corp building July 19, shortly before he stepped down as CEO.

(Drew Angerer)

The news continues to be bad for ousted Fox News exec Roger Ailes.A Fox 5 reporter claims in a new lawsuit against the company that Ailes harassed her and asked her during a job interview to stand and turn around so he could “see her from behind.”

“I like what I see,” Ailes told Lidia Curanaj, according to the lawsuit. But when he learned from a mutual contact that Curanaj was a “very nice girl” who would not “put out” sexually, she did not get the job, the court papers say.

The good news for Ailes is that he wasn’t named as a defendant in the lawsuit.

Roger Ailes denies harassment allegations in Megyn Kelly memoir

Curanaj lays out the “misogynistic culture” at Fox in a lawsuit that echoes the claims of several other women who have sued the company and Ailes.

Ailes’ house of cards collapsed over the summer after former Fox anchor Gretchen Carlson filed a lawsuit alleging sexual harassment and retaliation.

What followed was a pulled back curtain that revealed a god-like Ailes, whose billion-dollar earning power allowed him to reign over a culture of objectification of women in an atmosphere where no one stood up to their superiors.

“To date, the stories of approximately 24 women, whose professional interactions with Ailes spanned two decades, shockingly reveal that Ailes regularly used his position of power to threaten and control women in junior positions through sexual conduct,” the latest suit claims.

Megyn Kelly, Roger Ailes sexual harassment claims to become film

Fox 5 News reporter Lidia Curanaj calls out a culture of misogyny at the network in her lawsuit.

Fox 5 News reporter Lidia Curanaj calls out a culture of misogyny at the network in her lawsuit.

(Fox 5)

Curanaj said the Ailes culture trickled down to a Fox 5 News director, Bryon Harmon, who reduced the number of Curanaj’s shifts and created an even more hostile work environment when she became pregnant.

Even though she is from Montenegro, she claimed Harmon often called her “Ms. Albania,” despite saying she wasn’t attractive enough for TV, the lawsuit says.

“Despite Harmon’s opinion of her looks, Ms. Curanaj was attractive enough for Ailes to give her a private interview, during which he had her stand up and twirl around for him,” the lawsuit says of her 2011 interview.

She said that during the interview, Ailes “launched into a tirade about President Barack Obama,” insisting that President Obama is a Muslim who had “ulterior motives” and was “working with the terrorists.”

Horror film producer to create mini-series about Roger Ailes

She did not get the job.

“We do not think the plaintiff’s claims have merit, and we intend to defend vigorously,“ Fox Television Stations said in a statement.

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