Der Pharma Skandal in Rumänien weitet sich durch den „Unfall“ Tod des Dan Alexandru Condrea aus

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Der plötzliche Unfall Tod des Dan Alexandru Condrea Firma Monopol Inhaber „Hexi Pharma“, wo viele Menschen in den Krankenhäusern von Rumänien starben, weil die Desinfektions Mittel 1-fach verdünnt waren, was an die Deutschen Politik Ratten erinnert, welche die Krankenhaus Direktoren Posten für Hgyiene erhielten, wo es dann viele Tode in München und in Deutschland gab. Ein typisches Betrugs Modell der Georg Soros Banden, der Grünen Ratten und von Profi Betrügern im NeoLiberalen Modell, was ein verbrecherischen Korruptiv Wirtschafts Modell von Gangstern ist und der EU Commission, wie der Berliner Ratten.

Unfall Tod, obwohl der Fahrer des PKW und von Dan Condrea, als besonders erfahren galt.

Dan Alexandru Condrea (bei einem Auto Unfall nun am 22.5.2015 plötzlich verstorben), verkaufte mit seinen Monopol Verträgen 10 fach verdünnte Desinfektions Mittel, gedeckt durch gut geschmierte Politiker im System von Albanien bis Deutschland: (siehe Schweine Grippe und die SPD Ratten mit Ulla Schmidt). Produkte (ohne jede Behörden Lizenz) wurden an die Krankenhäuser verkauft, ohne jede Qualitäts Kontrolle.

Romania Probes Alleged Hospital Disinfectant Scam

A criminal investigation is being conducted into allegedly substandard disinfectants used in public hospitals after journalists reported that some products were too weak to be effective.
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24 May 16

Romanian Secret Service Quizzed Over Pharma Boss’s Death

The sudden death of the pharma boss involved in a scandal over substandard disinfectants in hospitals has raised questions about the possible involvement of the intelligence services.

Cristina Bucureasa


HexiPharma was selling allegedly substanrard disinfectants to hundreds of Romanian hospitals | Photo.

Romania’s parliament on Monday asked the Intelligence Service, SRI, to inform the parliamentary committee that supervises its activity whether it had any role in the sudden death of controversial pharma boss Dan Condrea who died in a car crash on Sunday.

“We have asked for an official report following the public requests of two of our colleagues,” Georgian Pop, head of the parliamentary committee that supervises the SRI, said.

Since Condrea’s death in the crash on Sunday, a number of Romanian officials have asked for an SRI report on the accident.

“This scandal has national security connotations, and if the SRI has any information about the circumstances of the event, I won’t call it an accident,” said Marius Octavian Popa, member of the parliamentary committee that supervises the SRI, said.

One of the voices embracing a conspiracy theory about the possible involvement of the SRI in the death belongs to former Prime Minister Victor Ponta.

“This is really shocking! What is happening in our country!? How is this possible!? Who has the power to do that!? What did this man do and who feared what he knew!? Unfortunately, Romania in 2016 means fear, suspicion and unseen forces that actually control our lives!” an excitable Ponta posted on Facebook on Monday.

Hexi Pharma, the company that Condrea owned, is the centre of the crisis over the inefficient disinfectants it sold to hundreds of Romanian hospitals.

A criminal investigation into the purchase of the allegedly substandard disinfectants has been launched.

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