BMW Partner: Die korrupte Kosovo PM Familie des Iso Mustafa – Kosovo PM pelted with eggs by Lawmakers

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Kosovo PM pelted with eggs by Lawmakers
Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Lawmakers pelted Kosovo’s prime minister with eggs on Tuesday as he addressed parliament, protesting over a deal with former master Serbia giving greater local powers to minority Serbs in the young Balkan country, Reuters reports.
The opposition in majority-Albanian Kosovo, which declared independence from Serbia in 2008, is angry over a deal brokered by the European Union last month giving Kosovo’s small Serb minority more rights over municipal spending and education and access to funding from Belgrade.
During a speech by Prime Minister Isa Mustafa broadcast live on Kosovo television, several opposition lawmakers suddenly stood and began throwing eggs at him. Mustafa’s bodyguard rushed to shield him with an umbrella.
Parliament speaker Kadri Veseli halted the session, shouting „Shame, shame, shame!“ at the egg-throwing MPs.
Before he was interrupted, Mustafa defended the deal, saying the newly-created Association of Serb Municipalities would not have executive powers. His opponents say the move threatens to deepen an ethnic divide in Kosovo and have announced protests.
Kosovo seceded from Serbia in 2008, almost a decade after NATO intervened with air strikes to drive out Serbian forces and halt the killing and expulsion of ethnic Albanian civilians during a two-year counter-insurgency war.
Serbia does not recognize Kosovo as sovereign, but relations have improved in recent years as both seek to draw closer to membership of the European Union.

SPD Partner und VW General Vertreter in Montenegro – Drogen Boss: Anton Stanaj im Sudan hingerichtet

Es kann nicht verwundern, das der VW Vertreter in Montenegro, Langzeit Partner der Russischen Mafia mit Lukoj, Drogen und Zigaretten Schmuggel: Geschäftsführer von der Firma Roksped, im Sudan hingerichtet wurde. 

Car Dealership
Prishtine-Shkup km3, Gračanica, 10500, Kosovo

BMW hat die Vertretung mit den Soehnen des jetzigen Ministerpraesidenten gemacht, was Alles ueber Geldwaesche, Betrug und Nepotismus sagt, vor allem weil die Soehne komplett ohne Bildung sie die Staatspraesidentin ist mit ihren gefaelschten Schulzeugnissen.

Vom Westen korrumpiert: teurestes Luxus VERTU Handy, für Isa Mustafa, LDK Chef im Kosovo

Isa Mustafa’s Nepotism Continues Now he is Prime Minister, Awarding Contracts to His Son


How much longer do the citizens of Kosovo have to put up with the USA and EU protecting criminals like Isa Mustafa and Hashim Thaci.

Prishtina is full of evidence of the corruption and nepotism of Isa Mustafa, during his time as Mayor of Prishtina. Mustafa was voted out of his position as Mayor, due to his corruption and should have been arrested instead of made Prime Minister. He has got away with it so far and now he is doing exactly the same as Prime Minister, by awarding his son’s company ‘Makcar’ the contract to service government cars.

Kosova Live have stated today:

Prime Minister’s Office to close the tender procedure applied to contract a vehicle service companies. Through this procedure declared winner company “Makcar” that is owned by the sons of the prime minister, Mustafa, Arben Faithful.

Prime Minister’s Office announced the winner this company on 21 July this year. Six days later, on July 27, 2015 the contract was signed between the company “Makcar” and the Office of the Prime Minister.

Based on the contract award notice published by the Office of the Prime Minister of this company offers in the tender for servicing the vehicle it is in the value of 2 thousand 946 euro.

Office of the Prime Minister has not answered the questions of the newspaper Life in Kosovo to seek clarification regarding this tender closed.

This newspaper has requested clarification what are the other companies that were invited except the company “Makcar” that is owned by the Faithful of Arben Mustafa, as well as what criteria the company completed a contract to the public.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister of Kosovo, Isa Mustafa, through a post on the social network Facebook, said he did not know that a car of Prime Minister’s Office is serviced in the company of his son, but added that there does not see anything wrong .

He even said that it is stupid that it becomes news.

“I read that a BMW car, Too serviced in a service that manages my son Faithful, worth about 2,900 euros. I did not know this, but I see nothing wrong with that vehicle serviced at an authorized service. Take the bullshit I see this become news because it is not news if some master work and regulate some car. The bad news for us is offended thirst and criminalize those who work “, said Prime Minister Mustafa. Kosovalive

Corruption, Money Laundering and Nepotism is everywhere in Kosovo and nothing is being done to stop it. EULEX is supposed to be cleaning up these crimes, but they are doing nothing. Many say what on earth are EULEX doing here when they sit idly back and watch it going on.

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