Macedonia: „The six horsemen of the apocalypse, the so called „western“ ambassadors

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„The six horsemen of the apocalypse, the so called „western“ ambassadors didn’t wait a single day for us to even bury the Macedonian heroes, they rushed to meet with president Ivanov and Gruevski, to blackmail, to „insist“, to request, to demand!!“ writes Nedelkovski.

War Crime woman: Victory Nuland, destroyer from Libya, Syria, NeoCon Terrorist: Victory Nuland



US Backs Serbia’s EU Path, Nuland Says

Dialogue with Kosovo, regional stability, European integration and energy security were some of the issues tackled during US Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland’s visit to Belgrade.

EU und USA: zur Erpressung schickte man Terroristen nach Kumanavo und in Belgrad macht man Druck

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Tuesday, 14 July 2015 Ryan Air to Launch Flights from Skopje
Sunday, 12 July 2015 Government to Auction 24,700 Acres to Farmers and Companies
Saturday, 11 July 2015 Another Macedonian pensioner Killed after Returning from USA
Saturday, 11 July 2015 Macedonian President attends Srebrenica Commemoration, was next to Serbian PM during attack
Friday, 10 July 2015 Macedonian Interior Ministry to add 600 more Policemen
Thursday, 09 July 2015 Gruevski: Zaev’s main Goal is to Harm our Economy

US finanzierte Terroristen in Kumanavo: In Phristina, wird demonstriert für die erschossenen Terroristen von Kumanova
US Terroristen Hilfe mit Beg Rizaj: Schon wieder eine selbst ernannte Betrugs Delegation der OSCE in Mazedonien

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