16 Personen wurden in Serbien verhaftet, welche Phantom Betrugs Firmen mit falscher ID eröffneten

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Auch der Bruder des Preminister Andrej Vucic wurde verhaftet! Er soll seit vielen Jahren, diese Steuer und sonstigen Betrugs Firmen Gründungen organisiert haben, was durchaus normal ist im Balkan.

Andrej Vucic (StarSport, file)

16 arrested in case involving theft of PM brother’s identity

April 10, 2015 | 15:14 | Source: B92, Beta, Tanjug | Comments: (0) | Send commentBELGRADE — 16 persons have been arrested on charges of financial crime and theft of identity of several persons, including Andrej Vucic, the brother of the prime minister.

10 Apr 15

Suspected Thieves of Serbian PM’s Brother’s ID Held

Police have conducted a series of arrests as part of an investigation into identity thefts, including that of Andrej Vucic, the Prime Minister’s brother.



Serbian police detained more than 15 people on Friday in several towns and cities on suspicion of involvement in identity theft and forging IDs.

They are suspected of involvement in a scam to use forged IDs, including that of Andrej Vucic, the Prime Minister’s brother, in order to register „phantom“ companies that were later used for financial fraud.

The case caught public attention last October, when Zoran Zivkovic, an MP from the opposition New Party, claimed that a company owned by the premier’s brother owed about 22 million dinars (233,000 euro) in taxes.

Aleksandar Vucic, the Prime Minister, then declared that his brother’s identity had been stolen and that he would resign if Zivkovic’s claims were confirmed.

Marko Marinkovic, deputy director of the Tax Administration, then said the allegations against Andrej Vucic had been investigated and found to be false as long ago as 2011……………………..


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