Der Gangster Bogoljub Karic, will zurück nach Serbien

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Einer der übelsten Serbischen Gangster, die Karic Brüder, welche nie Steuern in Serbien zahlten, nachdem Modell der Westlichen NeoLiberalen Banditen.

Bogoljub Karic’s big return

Bogoljub Karic, businessman and leader of „Serbian power movement“ will be back in Serbia only if indictment against him about „Mobtel“ affair is withdrawed.

According to „Blic“, Karic, who lives in Moscow, where he escaped from Interpol’s wanted list, has no intention of coming back to Serbia and risk of being arrested on the airport.


Karic is accused of criminal act of fraud and damaging the budget of Republic of Serbia.


But, he hopes that the Appeals Court will accept his appeal and in that way countermand the decision of the Prosecution.


Karic is relying on his political connections too. Some media are preparing the public for his comeback, while his old friends Velimir Ilic and Dragan Markovic Palma defend him in their statements.


Karic family have good relations with the cabinet of president Nikolic. There were some speculations that Bogoljub Karic financed the campaign of Serbian Progressive Party.


Also, his wife Milanka and brother Dragomir are MP’s, on the Serbian Progressive Party’s list.


Dragomir says that his brother is not asking for police protection.


– Bogoljub wants this staged process, initiated by Vojislav Kostunica, finally come to an end. He has no intention of paying some deposit guarantees – says Dragomir for „Blic“.

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