Herzliches Willkommen für Putin in Belgrad

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Russian President Vladimir Putin also addressed those gathered, saying the parade was an opportunity to express gratitude toward veterans, but also to strive to be worthy of their glory.


Vucic Thanks Putin for Russia’s Friendship to Serbia

Die NATO Spinner, welche den Überblick über ihre vielen Verbrechen verloren haben, trafen sich iin der korrupten Verbrecher Stadt: Budva. Einfach lächerlich, wie sie ihre Propaganda verkaufen

PM Lukšić: US-Adriatic Charter gives boost to region’s NATO integration

PM Lukšić: US-Adriatic Charter gives boost to region’s NATO integration

Published date 27.05.2011 12:46 | Author PR Bureau

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Budva, Montenegro (27 May 2011) – In his opening speech at the US – Adriatic Charter (A5) Defence Ministers’ meeting in Budva earlier today, Prime Minister Igor Lukšić welcomed the Initiative as the region’s joint project for cooperation and exchange of experiences and a forum for positive competition in the light of European and Euro-Atlantic integration.

The Charter, which brings together five member states – the United States, Croatia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro, is perceived, in his words, as an opportunity to upgrade regional cooperation and collective security in today’s world faced with substantial security risks and challenges.

On this occasion, PM Lukšić remarked that Montenegro, during its presidency of the A5 Charter, has made every effort to use all the potentials of the Initiative, while working towards a more efficient NATO integration of the countries of the region.

The US – Adriatic Charter, he added, has always given support to its member states in order to improve and develop their capacities to meet the NATO membership requirements. “The best evidence for this is that two members of the Charter, our neighbours – Albania and Croatia, are already members of the Alliance,” the PM stressed.

Montenegro is ready to cooperate with the region in the fight against global security challenges, whether it is about Ukraine or the threat posed by Islamic countries, Foreign Minister Igor Luksic said. At a meeting of defense ministers of the US-Adriatic Charter A -5 in Budva on Wednesday, Luksic said Montenegro is also fully committed to continuing contribution to the security and stability of Afghanistan through ISAF.

The U.S.-Adriatic Charter Partnership Commission Meets in Budva

30 June, 2011

The U.S.-Adriatic Charter Partnership Commission Meeting in Budva on Wednesday brought together prime Minister Igor Lukšič, President Filip Vujanović, and NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen. The Secretary General stated that it was a time full of promise for Montenegro and all the countries of the Western Balkans.

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Die Amis wollen auch ihre Nase drinnen haben, aber bei dem Militär Schrott der Amerikaner, der Inkompetenz wird auch das nicht gut ausgehen.

Serbia and US improve military ties

Serbia and US improve military tiesWashington is helping Serbia assume a new role as a training centre for international forces.

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