Beteiligen sich Deutschland und Russland am Serbischen Energie Unternehmen: EPS

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RWE ist ziemlich pleite, verlor bereits viel Geld im Balkan mit unsinnigen Gross Projekten. RWE ist ein kriminelles Enterprise, wie die Verhaftung des Zagreber Bürgermeister Bandic zeigte, mit einr 500 % überteuerten Müll Entsorgungs Anlage, anderen Betrugs und Bestechungs Geschäften überall im Balkan.

Russia and Germany vie for Serbian Power Company

Russian and German energy companies have equal chances of gaining a share in Serbia’s main power supplier, EPS, experts say.

Stevan Veljovic, Katarina Markovic BIRN Belgrade

The Serbian government’s long-standing policy of keeping its main energy company, EPS, in 100 per cent state ownership is about to change.

The new government has signalled that a share sale is possible, while separate diplomatic encounters between Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov have fuelled media speculations about potential buyers.

In these reports, German electric utility RWE and Russian energy holding company Interao were mentioned as the main contenders for EPS.

RWE already signed a memorandum of understanding with EPS in September 2012, saying that modernisation, extension and operation of hydropower plants and expansion of an existing lignite-fired power plant would be their first joint projects.

Asked to confirm the claims about their interest in EPS, RWE told BIRN that it is only interested in deepening cooperation in the fields defined in the memorandum.

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