Die Lazarate Polizei Aktion, gab den Ausschlag, das doch noch Albanien den EU-Kandidaten Status erhielt

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Der Mord an Artan Santo und 65 Tonnen Cannabis wurde bis jetzt in Lazarate beschlagnahmt

Grosse Mengen Cannabis werden unverändert bei der Polizei Aktion in Lazarate gefunden

With anti-drug operation in Lazarat, Albania signals readiness for EU membership


Police actions contribute to Albania obtaining EU member candidate status.

By Erl Murati for Southeast European Times in Tirana — 14/07/14

photoA policeman and two civilians were seriously wounded in a gun battle with drug traffickers in Lazarat. [Erl Murati/SETimes]

Albania’s prime minister says a recent drug operation in the notorious community of Lazarat proves that the country is worthy of the European Union’s decision to grant the country candidate status last month.

More than 800 police raided Lazarat, a small town of nearly 8,000 whose drug production yields totalled an estimated 4.5 billion euros annually.

Authorities said it was the first time that police secured a foothold in the municipality’s drug production network since 2006.

Lazarat’s drug production has been a black mark for Albania, but the police’s progress in exerting control over the area contributed to the country obtaining EU candidate member status, said Prime Minster Edi Rama.

„[The police rose] Albania’s head up and directly contributed to receiving the EU candidate status,“ Rama said.

Police seized more than 62 tonnes of marijuana and destroyed more than 133,000 cannabis plants in Lazarat, arresting 36 suspected drug traffickers and confiscating more than 500 firearms — including anti-aircraft guns — 220,000 bullets and explosives.

Police also filed charges against Lazarat Mayor Dashnor Aliko, accusing him of attempted murder against the police and heading an organised crime group.

„The recent police actions are of extraordinary importance because for the first time ever the authorities established control over the entire territory of Albania,“ Ilir Kulla, former presidential aide for national security, said.

„A NATO member that fails to establish security over its own territory is not reliable. That is why the intervention in Lazarat restores confidence in Albanian institutions,“ Kulla told SETimes.

These are historic times for Albania in the fight against drug trafficking, said Saimir Tahiri, Albania interior minister.

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Albanien hat den EU Kandidaten Status erhalten aber….

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