Albanien hat den EU Kandidaten Status erhalten aber ………….

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>Council conclusions on Albania
>GE ERAL AFFAIRS Council meeting

Luxembourg, 24 June 2014
The Council adopted the following conclusions:
2. Following the granting of candidate status, the Council underlines that Albania s
hould act decisively on all of the recommendations in the Commission’s report and intensify its efforts to ensure a sustained, comprehensive and inclusive implementation of the key priorities, notably the reform of the public administration and the judiciary, the fight against organised crime and corruption, the protection of human rights and anti-discrimination policies including in the area of minorities and their equal treatment, and implementation of property
rights. The Council underlines the importance for Albania to intensify its anti-corruption efforts and to implement its anti-corruption strategy and action plan, strengthen cooperation between law enforcement agencies, and establish a solid track record of investigations, prosecutions and convictions in cases of corruption and organised crime, particularly organised immigration
crime, the use of fraudulent documents, money laundering, drug cultivation and human trafficking. The Council also underlines the importance for Albania to streng then the independence, transparency and accountability of the judiciary, including to provide greater legal certainty for economic operators and to increase investor confidence.

Eines der Hindernisse wurde im letzten Augenblick gelöst.

Das CEZ Problem, wurde mit einem Vergleich gelöst gestern Abend.

Die Tschechei wird den EU – Kandidaten Status blockieren und verhindern

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