EU Länder erpressen den Serbischen PM Aleksandar Vucic abzutreten

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Wieder eine peinliche Einmischung der Kriegs Treiber der EU, NATO
Prime Minister reveals plotting against him from abroad

Vucic: Foreign countries attempted to oust me

The Prime Minister of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic said that some foreign countries would like to have him dismissed from his present post.

– If you want to oust me because Serbia wants to act like a free country and makes decision like a free and sovereign country, then tell me so and I shall leave since I do not Serbia to be exposed to any sanctions – Vucic said in his televised interview (‘Question Mark’) at the RTS.
The journalist who interviewed him asked if he was referring to the role of some foreign countries in his eventual ousting. Vucic replied that he was talking about it as well.
– I am here to represent the interests of Serbia and not America, Russia or the EU. It seems that they all have something to object but I am not interested in what it is. As long as I can I shall defend the interests of Serbia and if I see that Serbia is going to be sanctioned for that, I shall leave this post. I see that some would very much like that to happen. Some are bothered about Saric’s arrest, some that we are not going to impose sanctions to Russia – Vucic said.


Drug set up
Vucic also mentioned a case of one of former candidates for the Police Director. According to his words drug was set up to that candidate’s 17-year old daughter.
– There is nothing you can do in such a case. They made official report, two or three of them signed it and that’s it – Vucic said.

He said to have been blackmailed by some of the Home Ministry staff and that a considerable part of the police was not happy when Saric was arrested. …………………..


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