2 selbst ernannte Imane wurden in Albanien verhaftet, als Terroristen Anwerber

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Immer wieder erstaunlich, wie selbst ernannten Imane, die grössten Moscheen in Albanien verwalten, mit eigenen Koran Schulen, wo man nur Eines lernt: auswendig den Koran daher plappern
Arrested Imams: Religious tolerance, a trap!

Arrested Imams: Religious tolerance, a trap!

Genc Balla, self-declared Imam of the Mosque at the “Unaza e Re” area, considers religious tolerance as a trap set against Islam.

“They merge truth with futile on behalf of religious harmony, on behalf of co-existence between religions. This trap has taken international proportions. On behalf of peace, they want to destroy Islam. They want Muslims to pray in churches and Christian priests to organize masses in mosques. What’s the point of allowing a Christian priest in a mosque? Inviting priests to come and say ‘the father, the son and the holy spirit’ is one of the biggest traps against Islam”, says the self-declared Imam.

In another speech, Balla attacked politics, which, according to him, were submitted to the west.

“They say this is extremism, but they know the law of Allah has this issue covered. These people have diseased hearts. They see as religion only the religions depending from the Western Qiblas, not the Eastern Qiblas. They consider religion only what the West considers as religion. For them, what the West doesn’t consider religion, is just a shame”, were some of the speeches held by the suspect Genc Balla.

What attracts attention is the fact that Genc Balla never allowed to be filmed during his speeches, but only to be registered vocally.

Albania: Arrests over terrorism charges


Arrests over terrorism charges

Seven people, two of them imams, one at the Unaza e Re Mosque and one at Mzez, were arrested by the police and the Prosecution of Serious crimes, accused of terrorism.

They recruited devotees and tried to send them at the war in Syria. The suspicions started 10 months ago.

There were several foreign agencies that signalized the Albanian Secret Service regarding the recruits. The Secret Service and the Prosecution started some investigations regarding a cellule they considered as terrorist. This Tuesday morning they arrested seven people in Tirana, Elbasan, Librazhd and Pogradec.

The Prosecutor of Serious Crimes, Eugen Beci, confirmed the arrest of seven people, who are charged of recruiting people for encouraging terror attacks.

“One of these citizens, Edmond Balla, has taken concrete steps for sending Albanians to Syria. Some of the defendants are accused of encouraging hate based on religion and nationality”, Beci declared for the media.

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