Der Kosovo Terrorist Sami Lusthaku, sitzt im Gefängnis und verliert sein Bürgermeister Amt in Skenderaj

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10 Dec 13
Indicted Kosovo Mayor’s Release Plea Hits Stalemate

War crimes defendant Sami Lushtaku, who was recently re-elected mayor of the Kosovo municipality of Skenderaj/Srbice, has again been denied temporary release in order to be sworn in.

Edona Peci


A judge from the EU rule-of-law mission in Kosovo, EULEX, has turned down a new release request from the defence of former Kosovo Liberation Army fighter Lushtaku, who is one of 15 suspects in the ‘Drenica Group’ war crimes trial, a EULEX spokesperson told BIRN on Tuesday.

Lushtaku was re-elected in local elections on November 3 and his lawyer asked EULEX to temporarily free him so he could be sworn in before the legal deadline expires, after a previous plea from his Kosovo Democratic Party was rejected.

But EULEX judge Dariusz Sielicki ruled that there were “no legal grounds” to free Lushtaku, who is being prosecuted for allegedly abusing civilian detainees during the conflict with Serbian forces in 1998.

“An exception to this rule would be made in order to release the defendant temporarily for medical or humanitarian reasons,” Sielicki said in his written decision.

Although Lushtaku has been in custody on remand since late May when he was arrested, he ran for another mandate as mayor of Skenderaj/Srbice from behind bars.

But he might lose the position if he is not able to appear before the municipal assembly to be sworn in before December 20.

If Lushtaku fails to be sworn in until then, extraordinary elections would be announced in Skenderaj/Srbice.

Valdete Daka, head of the Kosovo Central Election Commission, said “the CEC is ready to hold again elections in Skenderaj if needed”.

As well as Lushtaku, the suspects in the Drenica Group case include the ambassador to Tirana, Sylejman Selimi, who is also Kosovo’s former security forces commander.

They are accused of torturing and mistreating prisoners who were being held at a KLA detention centre in Likovc/Likovac in 1998.

The defendants pleaded not guilty when the trial opened on Friday.

The case against them has sparked protests on the streets of Pristina.

Im Auftrage der CIA Kriminellen und von Richard Perle: Chef der Tschetschenischen Terror Banden im Balkan.

Im Moment wieder vor Gericht, gegen den primitiv Terroristen Sami Lushtaku, der den übelsten Ruf im Kosovo hat, Partner auch des sogenannten Innenminister, einem Gangster, wie die Geschäfte mit der Österreichischen Staatsdruckerei zeigten und Partner von Hashim Thaci, wo der Onkel F. Gashi zu 18 Jahren Haft verurteilt ist, weil er zum Spaß Zivilisten ermordete.

UCK Terrorist, aus Tschetschenien Tropoje
Tschetschenischer Terrorist, rund um Basejew, der auch Partner der UCK war und Immobilien Geschäfte im Kosovo tätigte. Direkt stationiert in den Tropoje Terroristen Camps, in Nord Albanien. Amtlich sind 300 Islamische Terroristen, direkt mit höchsten Kosovo und Albanischen Politikern verbunden. Auch hier schweigt ein Salih Berisha, wie Nord Albanien, zur Terror Ausbildung genutzt wurde, und ein Salih Berisha, direkt bekannt ist mit Bin Laden und Co..!

im Kosovo und weil er auch ein Diplom hat: “als Leuchte der Wissenschaft”!


Sami Lustahku: Profi Gangster, Killer, Terrorist und Bürgermeister von Skenderaj im Kosovo.

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