Kosovo Terroristen mit Hitler Gruss: von 1999 bis heute als Kommando nach Syrien

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Das Ur Gestein der Terroristen Financierung tobt gerade in Syrien herum: Yassin Kadi, wo sich mit Hitler Gruss erneut Kosovaren verabschieden, für Terror Kommandos gegen die Zivil Bevölkerung nach Syrien. Der NATO Schrott, mit immer den selben Gestalten, wie ebenso Yassin Kadi, schon vor über 10 Jahren in Bosnien, und in Albanien und später diese Banden der Saudis auch in Nord Albanien, wo Hashim Thaci, mit Helikopter mit Ilir Meta, nach Kukes flog Mitte Mai 1999, und seine Terror Financiers im Saudi Militär Camp besuchte.

200 Kosovaren sollen in Syrien sein, von den Saudis wie immer finanziert, welche alte Partner der USA sind, im Terror Krieg gegen Staaten und Bevölkerungen. Und wie diese Banditen auftauchen, haben Frauen noch weniger Rechte als in Saudi Arabien: Die Welt Desaster Staaten für Frauen: Nr. 1: Ägypten, N2. 2 Irak, Nr. 2 Saudi Arabien

Gert Weisskirchen, aussenpolitischer Sprecher der SPD-Fraktion, bezeichnete den Kosovo als „Mafiastaat“

So wurden Deutsche 1999 im Kosovo empfangen u.a. mit Heil Hitler Gruß), damit Deutsche Politiker ihr Hitler Kolonial Reich im Kosovo errichten können! d

2013 auf dem Marsch nach Syrien, als Banditen Raub Kommando, und Islamische Terror Zelle

Kosovo police arrest 6 suspected Islamists and seize weapons

By Associated Press,

PRISTINA, Kosovo — Six ethnic Albanians suspected of plotting a terrorist attack inspired by extreme Islamist ideology, including two believed to have fought alongside Syrian rebels, have been arrested in Kosovo, officials said Tuesday. A seventh suspect remains at large.
Two of the men are also suspected of attacking two American Mormon missionaries in the capital, Pristina, two days before their Nov. 5 arrest, a senior police official involved with the investigation said.
Authorities have grown increasingly worried about the rise of extremism in a country with a strong presence of NATO peacekeepers, including hundreds of U.S. troops. Authorities had followed the cell for three months after intercepting a call allegedly plotting an attack with another person of Kosovo descent in an unnamed European country, said the police official, who is part of a team that deals with terrorist threats.
Four of the suspects were arrested in a park in Pristina by undercover police agents posing as weapons dealers, the police official said. Another suspect was arrested in central Pristina and the sixth in the eastern town of Gnjilane. It was unclear whether a target had been identified and what the weapons were being bought for.
A sniper rifle, handguns and material for making an improvised explosive device were found in suspects’ houses, according to the police official.
A justice official said the suspects had been watched by video surveillance, phone tapping, and email monitoring, but gave no further details because of the ongoing investigation. Both officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the matter.
Though the country of 2 million is overwhelmingly secular, ethnic Albanians from Kosovo and neighboring Macedonia have been linked with terror plots in the United States, including a foiled bombing last year in Tampa, Florida, and a 2007 attack on military personnel at Fort Dix in New Jersey.
Around 150 ethnic Albanians are believed to have joined foreign fighters battling the forces of Syria’s President Bashar Assad and some 12 are believed to have been killed there.
The arrest warrant seen by AP said the 7 individuals — identified as Genc Selimi, Nuredin Sylejmani, Valon Shala, Adrian Mehmeti, Musli Hyseni, Bekim Mulalli and Fidan Demolli — are suspected of “preparing a terrorist act against the safety and constitutional order” in Kosovo.
The six will be detained for a month as the prosecution gathers evidence to bring formal charges. On Tuesday local media said police and justice officials received an email threatening to launch “painful attacks” on police if they do not release the suspects.
A defense attorney for Sylejmani said his client denied all charges. It was not immediately clear who represents the other suspects.
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Al-Qaida – Aktivisten in Kosova verhaftet
von Redaktion am 12.11.2013

Die Zeitung „ Koha Ditore“ in Kosova berichtet heute: „ Der unter dem Decknamen Ebu Hafs Al Albani“ wirkende Genc S. wurde am vergangenen Mittwoch durch die Kosova Polizei verhaftet.“ Genc S. kämpfte für Al-Qaida in Syrien und ist nach Kosova zurückgekehrt, um neue Kämpfer zu werben. Am Freitag wurde er vorläufig für 30


Die illegalen Waffenlieferungen der Deutschen in den Balkan ab 1987


2004, erneut Unruhen mit Terroristen, wobei ein Bruder von Ramuz Haradinaj von französichen Scharf Schützen erschossen wurde.

Mit 300 Islamischen Terroristen unterwegs

UCK – KLA killer swadron

300 Nah-Ost Terroristen und Islamische Terroristen, waren in Nord Albanien unterwegs und sind noch heute Ehrengäste im Kosovo. der spiegel brachte auch hier den Artikel.

Defense & Foreign Affairs Daily | Mar.17,2004 | Gregory R. Copley,
Defense & Foreign Affairs Daily
Volume XXII, No. 50 Friday, March 19, 2004
© 2004, Global Information System, ISSA
Exclusive Special Report
“During the first half of August 2003, 300 Albanian-trained guerillas
— including appr. 10 mujahedin (non-Balkan Muslims) — were
infiltrated across the Albanian border into Kosovo, where many have
subsequently been seen in the company (and homes) of members of the
so-called Kosovo Protection Corps which was created out of Kosovo
Albanian elements originally part of the KLA. In fact, the Kosovo
Protection Force seems almost synonymous with the Albanian National
Army (ANA), the new designation for the KLA. The guerillas were
trained in three camps inside the Albanian border at the towns of
Bajram Curi, Tropoja and Kuks, where the camps have been in operation
since 1997.”


NATO-Generalsekretär feiert Massaker an Zivilisten als humanitäre Großtat

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