Europäische Investments, Geldwäsche für den Drogen Baron: Darko Saric und die Miskovic Gruppe

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Delta Holding owner Miskovic suspected for laundering Saric’s 100 million Euros

Ivana Mastilović Jasnić | 18. 10. 2013. – 02:00h | Comments 0

The police have evidence that the Delta Holding owner Miroslav Miskovic has laundered about 100 million Euros of the drug lord Darko Saric who is still at large. In spite of that evidence, Miskovic yesterday denied at the police to have anything to do with Saric. Miskovic also denied being the owner of the East Europe Investment Fund from Holland, a company that had business dealings with Saric’s company although there is evidence proving differently.

Miroslav Miskovic in front of Police station on New Belgrade

Miskovic was yesterday replying to police questions for more than two hours as a citizen. He came to the police accompanied by his lawyer Zdenko Tomanovic. When asked if he knew anything about the East Europe Investment Fund from Holland, Miskovic denied having any knowledge of it.
However, the investigation bodies have documents proving that the owner is nobody else but Miskovic. Namely, according to the Dutch regulations that define registration and business dealing by a company, apart from a formal owner, it is necessary that a real owner is specified as well.



The real owner is the one who decides about the money. A source close to the investigation says that in the case of this company it has been determined that the owner is Miskovic.
The police are also suspecting that Miskovic is a hidden owner of the Great Investment Corporation from Cyprus.


Further, the connection between these two companies and Miroslav Miskovic is Tatiana Yeronimides, Director and a responsible executive at Miskovic’s company in the Cyprus, the Hemslade.


It was she who was giving orders for payments from the East Europe Investment Fund’s account and the Great Investment Corporation’s account to the account of Saric’s Financial Angels. Therefore Yeronimides might give replies to many questions.
In the mid of 2007 about 2.5 million Euros were paid from the East Europe’s account to the Financial Angel’s account. About 3 million Euros were paid from the Great Investment’s account to the Financial Angel’s account, too. The payments were made, as specified, for ‘consulting services’.
The investigation also includes financing of construction of the Belville residential block in New Belgrade.

Belville Suburb

‘There is suspicion that the financing was going via the Hypo Alpe Adria Bank from Klagenfurt and the Dutch company Hypo Group Netherlands. They provided about 100 million Euros for this job. It is yet to be determined what the guarantee for granting of credit was.
The construction was done by the Block 67 Associates from Klagenfurt. Its co-owner is the Delta Real Estate owned by Miroslav Miskovic. It is believed that a portion of 100 million Euros invested via the Hypo Group Netherlands was actually the money laundered by Miskovic….

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