Anonymous Leaks 3,700 Stolen Documents from Greek Gov’t & OSCE

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Anonymous Leaks 3,700 Stolen Documents from Greek Gov’t & OSCE

By on 14.10.13

On Monday, Anonymous hacktivists announced another huge leak of documents which comes from Greece’s MOFA (Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and OSCE (Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe).

Anonymous hacktivist have claimed this leak and dubbed it #OpGoldenDawn but they did not say how they obtained these documents, which means that the whole issue could really be a malicious insider or external breach of its systems. Nonetheless they did state that there is more to come.

     “We all know how bad the situation in Greece today is, alongside the economic mayhem the government allowed Nazis from Golden Dawn to sabotage the integrity of entire country and European principles of freedom and moral,” the hackers said.
“Today we deliver first sucker punch in a series of jaw breaking leaks, to reveal the truth about the Greece government involvement in conspiracy to spy on us with the help of its ENISA and OSCE cybercrime units. Those responsible for arrests of our fellow lulz charged with OP Payback. 13 is a sacral number so we will deliver one punch to reach exactly that.”

The story, which appeared on the aconservativeedge blog, even includes the links of the released files.

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