Albanien kommt nicht zur Ruhe, mit einer kriminellen Regierung und einem Ja-Sager Präsidenten: Bujar Nishani

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Einfach ein wertvolles Militär Grundstück stehlen mit gefälschter Unterschrift des General Stabs Chefs, ist schon eine neue Nummer bei der wohl dümmsten Regierung der Welt.

Sokol Nishani ist ja sogar Staatsanwalt in Durres, und vertuschte den Mord am Geheimdienst Mann Iso Copa, der direkt zu Sokol Kazazi (Langzeit Verbrecher Gruppe, bereits im Bruch des UN Embargos, als man Waffen nach Bosnien und Treibstoff nach Serbien verkaufte)  und dem Kabinetts Chef des Salih Berisha führt.

Präsident Bujar Nishani, der Gangster Arben Imani und die gefälschte Unterschrift des Generalstabs Chef Xhemal Gjunkshi, beim Diebstahl einer NATO Immobilie in Tirana

Grundstücks Diebstahl ist der Volks Sport in Albanien und gefälschte Dokumente! Bei der Albanischen Verbrecher Bande, einem vollkommen kontrollierten Justiz Apparat durch Langzeit Verbrecher, welche der Ex-Präsident Alfred Mosiu noch von Beförderungen ausschloss, ist Justiz unerwünscht.

Bujar Nishani
Bujar Nishani: destroyer of the police, judge and his brother Sokol Nishani a criminell:


16 Aug 13
Albania President Hands Military HQ to Party

President Bujar Nishani has been criticised for awarding the Central Home of the Army in Tirana, which sits on prime real estate, to the Democratic Party.

Besar Likmeta
Militär Immobilie Tirana


The transfer of the property, carried out in mid August, emerged after Albania’s Top Channel TV published secret correspondence between the President and the chief of staff on Thursday.

The documents reveal that Nishani ignored concerns expressed by the chief staff, General Xhemal Gjunkshi, who opposed the transfer of the building to become the new headquarters of the Democratic Party.

After the documents became public, the President called Tirana’s A1 Report TV and admitted that he had signed the decree for the transfer, without giving further details.

The Communist-era building in the heart of the capital until now served mainly as a recreational facility for the armed forces.

Nishani was interior minister and justice minister in Sali Berisha’s centre-right cabinet before his election as President in 2012 with votes from the Democratic Party and its junior allies in government.

The latest move by the President to transfer property to the Democratic Party, which lost the June 23 parliamentary election, has enraged the victorious Socialists.

Reacting to the transfer, Prime Minister-elect Edi Rama called the President’s decision shameful.

“The losing party, which still governs a NATO member country, steals the Army’s Central Home, in order to make it its new headquarter illegally,” Rama wrote on Twitter.

In July, as head of the High Council of Justice, the President promoted a number of controversial judges who have overseen high-profile trials during their tenure and are perceived to have been under the influence of the Democratic Party.

Critics say the President’s latest moves raise fresh questions not only about his independence from his former Democratic Party boss, Sali Berisha, but also about his respect for the rule of law.

Mafia Clan of Democratic Party of Albania
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