Heroin Transit von der Türkei, über Bulgarien nach Bosnien, oder Albanien

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Ein Kroatischer LKW, hatte 738 Kilo Heroin geladen und wurde an der Bulgarischen Grenze beschlagnahmt. Zielort war Bosnien.



Heroin arrests highlight need for regional co-operation, officials say
Tighter co-ordination of anti-trafficking efforts is seen as crucial for continued success.

By Erisa Dautaj for SES Türkiye in Istanbul — 12/08/13

The interception by Turkish customs officials of a truck carrying 718 kilograms of heroin and bound for Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) underscored the continued importance of regional co-operation against drug trafficking and other forms of organised crime, officials told SES Türkiye.

  • A record quantity of heroin was recently seized on the Turkey-Bulgaria border. [AFP] A record quantity of heroin was recently seized on the Turkey-Bulgaria border. [AFP]

It was the largest quantity of drugs ever seized at the border, according to Turkish officials. The heroin, whose estimated market value is about $17 million (12.7 million euros), was packed in 1,400 bags stuffed in 10 washing machines, according to a report by the Thrace Customs and Trade Directorate, which runs the border crossing.

The truck, which reportedly had Croatian license plates, was stopped at the Hamzabeyli border crossing between Edirne and Bulgaria in the morning hours of July 31st.

The driver was taken into custody. No further details of the case will be released as the investigation continues, Thrace Customs Director Muslum Yalcin told SES Türkiye.

Josipa Lovorka Andreic, head of the Department for Programs and Strategies of the Croatian State Office for the Prevention of Drug Abuse, hailed the arrest as the result of regional co-operation.

„Combating drug trafficking would not be feasible without international co-operation. The action that was undertaken [in Turkey] shows that co-operation is positive,“ he told SES Türkiye.

Uros Pena, deputy of director of the Directorate for Co-Ordination of Police Bodies in BiH, said law enforcement agencies should deepen their co-operation.

„Every police agency needs to co-operate more when it comes to planning. Every investigative body is a little jealous about someone else’s strategy and data, therefore, every police force unconsciously hides its data and strategies,“ he told SES Türkiye.

Pena added: „Police agencies need to improve their co-operation in the planning part to exchange strategies and details of operations.“

Kristina Jozic, spokeswoman for the BiH State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA), told SES Türkiye that Bosnian officials are following the operation at the Turkey-Bulgaria border.

„SIPA, in co-ordination with the [BiH] prosecution, took operational measures and actions within its jurisdiction for the purpose of collecting information and verifying the information from the media,“ Jozic said….


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