Albanien und kein Ende des Traumes der Mafiosi: „Albanians chose unification, not division“

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Bei den Parlaments Wahlen, konnte keine einzige Nationalitische Partei, welche von Leuten ohne jede Bildung über die Geschichte geführt werden, irgendwelche hohen Werte erreichen. Die Rhetorik, dient wie seit Jahren bekannt, um kriminelle Aktivitäten, Geldwäsche und Betrug zuverschleiern und von dem Desaster einer zerstörten Wirtschaft abzulenken.

„Albanians chose unification, not division“

Albanians chose unification, not division

Albanians chose unification, not division The Albanian Prime Minister, Sali Berisha, boycotted the reception made by the US Embassy to Tirana for the 237th anniversary of the US independence.

This ceremony was also boycotted by the Parliament Speaker, Jozefina Topalli. Present in the ceremony was the Albanian President, Bujar Nishani; the next Prime Minister, Edi Rama, and representatives from the entire political spectrum, civil society and the media.

The US Ambassador, Alexander Arvizu, spoke about the June 23rd elections in Albania, saying that they were significant for the modern political history of our country, with the Albanians making it clear that the future of Albania is the European Integration.

„Only two weeks ago, dozens of thousands of Albanians voted for their next leader. This was a defining choice, the most significant of the modern political history of Albania. The clear message of the Albanian people was simple: they are ready to take responsibility for the future leading of their country, and they will decide. Their conviction is clear. The future of Albania is as an integral part of Europe, and this will take place very soon through comprehension, not division. Any politician or party that ignores this fact, puts himself into danger“, Arvizu declared.

For all the skeptical ones, Ambassador Arvizu guaranteed that he will stay in Albania until the new Parliament will start working, while the Foreign Ministry declared a few days before the elections that his mandate was about to expire.

„It will be a honor for me to follow personally the gathering of the first Parliament in September“, Arvizu declared.

The Ambassador quoted a phrase from President Obama:

„President Obama has once said that changes don’t come if we wait for another person or another period to come. We, who have been waiting, are the change that we are looking for“, Arvizu declared.

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