Immer mehr Lebensgefaehrliche Kokain Transport auch quer durch den Balkan im Magen

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Man tries to smuggle kilo of cocaine in his stomach

Source: BetaBELGRADE — A Serbian citizen has been caught with 900 grams of cocaine in his stomach at Belgrade’s Nikola Tesla Airport.

(Customs Administration)
(Customs Administration)

M.I. was arrested on January 10 after the Serbian police had received a tipoff that he would try to smuggle narcotics in his stomach from Doha.

Nothing suspicious was found in his luggage but the suspect was taken to the Military Medical Academy (VMA) where doctors noticed foreign objects in his stomach.

It was determined on Saturday that he had 65 packages with a total of 900 grams of cocaine in his stomach.


Ein rein kriminelles Gebilde, wo man zu dumm ist für eine Adminstration, denn die Dümmsten sind nun Professoren, Minister, Richter wie im Salih Berisha vermurksten Nonsens Staat Albanien.

No “Freedom Fighters”, Just Criminals and Thugs On the preceding pages, the latest Drugs & Crime UN report offers a rarely accurate analysis of the situation among the ethnic Albanians (both next door to Serbia, in neighboring Albania, and in Serbia itself, mainly in the southern Kosovo province), which led to formation of the Albanian terrorist KLA (UCK) and to the terrorist attacks in Serbia — an unusually honest glimpse at the root-causes of Albanian insurrection and occupation of part of Serbia, impossible to find in the tons of worthless junk produced daily by the Western mainstream media. The following excerpt effectively dismantles the pompous claims of heroic “struggle for freedom and independence” and disingenuous references to the “self-determination” of an ethnic group which has already exercised its right to self-determination with the formation of state of Albania. No, it has nothing to do with “freedom”, “independence” or “self-determination”, it is all about illicit trade, crime without punishment, lawlessness, thuggery and insatiable greed. Criminals, Terrorists or Politicians? In Kosovo-Metohija, all Three.
Excerpt from the UN Office on Drugs and Crime report for March 2008 [pg 52] According to an Interpol statement made before the U.S. Congress in 2000:

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