Die Religions Führer in Skhoder Albanien gehen gegen die Blutrache vor

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Die Katholische Kirche ex kommuniziert Blutrache Mörder in Skhoder, und andere Religonen schliessen sich dieser Massnahme an. Primitiver geht es nicht mehr, wenn sogar Politiker Kinder einfach irgendjemanden erschiessen, im Mafia Reich das Salih Berisha und seiner Neanderthaler

Religious communities in Albania supported the unanimous decision of Catholic churches in the north of the country to c `kisheruar people who kill for revenge. Representatives of the Muslim faith, which occupies a considerable part of the inhabitants of the city of Shkodra asserts that religion is one of the best ways to curb this phenomenon. However in Islam there are no exceptions as may be made in the Christian religion, and therefore used the principles of the Koran. Support for the initiative comes from the Albanian Orthodox Church. While leaders of national reconciliation committee, require the involvement of priests in reconciliation groups that go to families that are in the blood. This is how the intervention worked in the early church, when state njehsohej with this institution. According to data reconciliation committee feuds, blood counted 1,300 families, 700 children, of whom over 100 endangered as the first person who falls receipt of Isaac from the enemy. Only for the first 9 months of this year counted 70 murders for taking blood, double the figure of last year.


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Albanians in Blood Feuds Face Excommunication

The Catholic Archdiocese of Shkodra on Tuesday said it will excommunicate anyone involved in traditional blood feuds, as concern grows about the revival of so-called honour killings.

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