3 Festnamen in Kroatien rund um die Slowenische NKBM Bank

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Viele Banken, nicht nur die Hypo Adria Alpe haben direkt mit der Prominenz der Balkan Mafia zusammen gearbeitet um Gelder zuwaschen. Oft in Immobilien Geschäften. Hier sollen auch Gelder über dubiose Firmen dem Zweck gedient haben, Grundstücke zukaufen. Identisch u.a. die Geschäfts Methoden des Bodo Hombach der auch in Albanien nun seinen Abgang hatte.
Three arrested in Croatian corruption sting

The fight against corruption a never-ending story which Croatia must continue for the good of its citizens, experts and officials say.

By Drazen Remikovic for Southeast European Times in Zagreb — 27/08/12

photoPolice are investigating the purchase of real estate by NKBM’s Croatian branch. [NKBM]

A joint investigation by authorities in Slovenia and Croatia to crack an alleged bank corruption ring is an indication that Croatia won’t tolerate corruptive practices, Nikola Kristic, president of Transparency International Croatia, said.

The investigation, which is targeting the Croatian unit of Sloviena’s second-largest bank NKBM, is said to have cost the bank 60 million euros. At least three people have been arrested, including Matjaz Kovacic, former chief executive of NKBM.

Police are investigating the purchase of real estate by NKBM’s Croatian branch, KBM Projekt, which is suspected of extending loans to shell companies in Croatia. Police believe that the companies purchased land between 2006 and 2009 and then resold it to KBM Projekt at much higher prices, according to Reuters.

Officials at the Slovenian bank, KMC Projekt and Croatian anticorruption police, USKOK, declined to comment to SETimes.

Kovacic resigned from his position at the bank in January amid questions about the bank’s dealings with a now-bankrupt construction company, Konstrucktor, and an audit by the central bank, according to The Slovenia Times.

Kristic told SETimes that he believes that the public will continue to trust banks.

„We can see that the battle against corruption still takes its position in the EU member countries, such as Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, so basically, it is a never-ending story,“ he said. „But citizens are still expecting the results of charges for corruption. When that happens, it will be an indicator of the seriousness in approach to fight against corruption.“

Dragutin Lesar, member of the parliament’s National Council for Monitoring Anti-Corruption Strategy Implementation, said the public is fully aware of the deepness of the corruption that Croatia had in the past 20 years…..


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