11 Ex-Kommunistische Spione wurden in Mazedonien enttarnt: darunter Georg Soros Chef: Vladimir Milcin

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Names of 11 former collaborators published online

Skopje, 4 August 2012 (MIA) – The Data Verification Commission late Friday at its website published the police files and names of those found to be former secret service collaborators.

The names include Slobodan Ugrinovski (member of the Council of the City of Skopje and leader of party Tito’s Left Forces), Vangel Gagacev (former Supreme Court judge), Nikolce Babovski (candidate for member in the Parliament), Sejfedin Haruni (member of the Parliament), Vladimir Milcin (Dean of Faculty of Dramatic Arts), Shaban Shehu (adviser in the Government), Jordanco Cevreski (member of Macedonian Radio Television Council and Dean of Faculty of Dramatic Arts), Mahi Nesimi (Ambassador of the Republic of Macedonia), Faredin Miftari (Deputy Director of Skopje prison), Zoran Jovanovski (member of the Council of Rosoman municipality) and Kosta Balabanov (member of the Council of the Museum of Macedonia). Documents are available at website http://www.kvf.org.mk/mk/resenija.html.

The Commission on Monday verified the dossiers of 11 persons, according to the new Law on Lustration, which among other things foresees publishing their names online in three days deadline. sk/11:36

The accusations of political influence are fueled by the fact that of the three officials known to be facing removal under the law all are political opponents of the governing party. One, Vladimir Milcin, a theater director and head of the Open Society Foundation in Macedonia, has appealed the lustration commission’s decision to expel him from his position as a university professor. The foundation is one of the largest financial supporters of civil society and anti-corruption organizations in the country.  http://www.nytimes.com/2012/01/25/


Vladmir Milcin in action: Chef der Verbrecher Organisation „Open Society“ des Georg Soros, der alle Länder der Welt mit seinem kriminellen Schwachsinn destabilisiert und zerstört.


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