Justiz rund um Balkan Kriegs Verbrechen

Posted on Juni 27, 2012 von



26 Jun 12 / 17:34:40 Gulity Verdicts For Crimes In LovasThe Belgrade Special Court’s Trial Chamber found 14 former members of the Serbian military forces guilty of committing war crimes in the Croatian village of Lovas.



26 Jun 12 / 17:24:27 Haradinaj’s Trial: Defence Claims Evidence TamperingThe defence teams for three ex KLA commanders accused of war crimes during the 1999 Kosovo war, claimed that the Hague prosecution misrepresented witness testimonies.



26 Jun 12 / 10:00:00 Visegrad Trial: People Burnt AliveAt the trial of Oliver Krsmanovic for crimes committed in Visegrad, a witness described how she fled her home in the settlement of Bikavac where more than 70 Bosniaks were burnt alive in June 1992.