Im Lande der Null Funktion: Kosovo Justiz Minister : Hajredin Kuci tritt zurück

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Die Kosovo Präsidentin sagt, das es ein Rückschritt ist, rund um einige Artikel im Strafgesetzbuch und der Medien Freiheit.

Man könnte auch kleine Kinder als Minister in Albanien und dem Kosovo ernennen, so peinlich sind Politiker dort.


Kosovo Minister of Justice resigns

Kosovo Minister of Justice resigns

The Deputy Prime Minister and also Justice Minister of Kosovo, Hajredin Kuci, resigned from all his governing functions in protest against the Media Law, together with the laws for the prosecution of journalists. 

Kuci kept his promise that if the law would pass, he would live the government, joining the journalists in their protest.

“I have made a promise some time ago, and now I handed my resignation over to the Prime Minister. I haven’t been pressured by anyone, but I think that this country needs to work for the freedom of speech. I don’t want to be identified as the person that damages freedom. I am paying the price of the Parliament decision, an institution that nevertheless I respect””, he declared.

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