Bujar NIshani wurde Präsident im Null Funktion Land Albanien

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US Statedepartment of State
US Statedepartment of State
2011 Human Rights Report – Albania (May 24, 2012)


Corruption in the judiciary is pervasive. Many judges issue rulings that do not appear to have any basis in law or fact, leading some to believe that the only plausible explanation is corruption or political pressure. Broad immunity enjoyed by judges prohibits prosecutors from investigating corruption allegations until they make a public request to the High Council of Justice to lift the accused judge’s immunity, and receive its approval. Few judges have been prosecuted for corruption because most criminal investigations must remain secret, at least initially, in order to be successful.



Wenn eine Wissenschaft, wie Geschichte in Verblödung bei Albaner ausartet

Sprachrohr der Idiot Mafia im Balkan für “Greater Albania”: Koco Danaj

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