Die Serbische Flug Gesellschaft JAT, wurde mit System von den eigenen Kassiern bestohlen

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Cashiers of JAT Airways steal EUR half a million

Boris Vukovic | 18. 05. 2012. – 02:00h | Foto: Nebojsa Markovic | Comments 0

Radisa Stojkovic who has been working for 27 years as a cashier of JAT Airways stole 28.4 million Dinars and disappeared without trace. The theft has been discovered by pure accident and the company can now only file criminal charges and seek compensation in court.

As said the theft has been detected quite by chance. Firstly, a very small minus was detected last year. The company’s General Director formed a commission which was investigating irregularities. It found unbelievable facts.



The cashier Stojkovic was stealing money all year long but he used a system so that nobody could notice it. In just a couple of months he caused damage to JAT Airways of 28, 407,004 million Dinars.


He was stealing by not reporting received inflows. He was putting millions aside hiding himself from cameras.


The company filed criminal charges against the cashier and moved him to another job waiting for the trial to be over. However, after some time Stojkovic stopped coming to work and now nobody knows where he is. If he does not appear in courtroom a wanted list shall be issued after him.
After this case JAT Airways started checking all of its cashiers in the country and abroad. It turned out that almost identical theft took place in Podgorica. A cashier there made minus of EUR 200,000 in identical manner.

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