Renzo Bossi und sein Fake Diplom der privaten Tirana Mafia Universitaeten „Kristal“ – New York Universitaet

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Rund um die Verhaftung des einflussreichen Politikers Umberto Bossi, fand man ein Fake Diplom der „Kristal“ Universitaet in Italien, was Schlagzeile in Albanien ist.

4.5.2012: Bildung, Pedophile NGO’s und Chaos in Albanien, wo sich sogar Renzo Bossi ein Diplom besorgte

Kristal University diploma scandal


Kristal University diploma scandal

The scandal for the sale of diplomas from Albanian universities to foreign and national individuals has concerned the members of the Media Commission. The Chairman of this Commission, Valentina Leskaj, asked the Minister of Education to be part oft eh commission for this issue.

“This is not a matter of name, but the matter of a dangerous phenomenon for the Albanian society. This is the second case that goes to the Prosecution, and we, as Commission, cannot close our eyes and ears”, Leskaj declared.

After the Italian media reported the scandal with Lega Nord leader son, Renzo Bossi, who was found with an Albanian diploma of a three years university course only one year after receiving his high school diploma, without entering even once in Albania, the Ministry of Education Press Office declared that a group of inspectors are scrutinizing some universities, with Kristal among them.

The officials of this Ministry have given no information about this matter that has hit the education system.

Investigating „Kristal University“ diplomas

The Tirana Prosecution has seized a series of documents at the “Kristal University”, which will undergo full verifications for revealing the truth behind the graduation of the son of Umberto Bossi, the leader of the Lega Nord (Northern League). Renzo Bossi was reported a few days ago by the Italian media of having bought a diploma at this university, but the Prosecution is also investigating other cases of Albanian students.

Unofficial sources say that the Tirana Prosecution has filed the criminal investigation for falsification of official documents.

The investigations will be led by the Task Force Unit, which will verify if there are falsifications or not, based on Renzo Bossi’s registration as a student, and until his graduation.

Two days after the verifications of the suspicions raised by the media, the Prosecutors declared that the criminal investigations have started.

However, the publication of this scandal by the Italian and Albanian media, the Kristal University reacted that Renzo Bossi has been registered based on the documentation presented at the administration of this academy for the academic year 2007-2008, according to the laws in power.

The Italian media declared that Bossi has been graduated from high school in 2009 in Italy, and in 2010 he has been graduated in Tirana for a three year business management course, while he has never been in Tirana. The first suspicions are that the diploma has been sold, not only for the two Italian citizens, but also for other Albanian students.

However, now it will be up to the prosecutors to verify if Renzo Bossi has continued three years of university in Tirana, before receiving the Diploma. The Napoli and Milan prosecutions declared that Bossi was graduated on 8 October 2010.


8.5.2012: Die Staatsanwaltschaft eroeffnet ein Verfahren rund um das Diplom der „Kristal“ Universitaet fuer den Sohn von Umberta Bossi

New York Times, über die Betrugs Universitäten in Tirana, welche Mafiös organisiert sind

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Die angebliche Universität New York – Tirana, hat zuviel Ausehen in den USA erregt, weil Tausende von diesen gefälschten Diplomen auftauchten mit Null Bildungs Albanern und so gibt es den nächsten Artikel in der New York Times, über die Betrugs Maschinerie, der Albanischen Regierung, welche diesen Mafiösen Betrug nicht beendet, obwohl wie im Teil I, bewiesen die Fakten dem Minister bekannt sind.
New York Universität - tirana
Man wirbt für die falschen Titel

Die Peinlichkeit, das ständig Voll Idioten Minister und Direktoren in der Adminstration werden, liegt auch in Mafiösen Geschäften, rund um Diplome, auch mit Fakultäten, die nie existiert haben in Balkan Ländern. Die Albanischen Beispiele, der Pseudo Universitäten durch Berufs Betrüger aus dem Politischen Lager sind nur peinlich für ein Land, wobei es etliche angebliche US Universitäten gibt in Albanien und dem Kosovo, wo man Luft Nummern Diplome erhält, womit man allerdings auch Präsidentin des Kosovo werden kann. So kann man gut verstehen, das in Weltbank Reports, wikileaks cables die erbärmliche Bildung und Arbeits Erfahrung, immer wieder festgehalten ist, was Investoren abschreckend ist. sogenannte Minister, haben oft selber Fake Diplome von solchen Bildungs Stätten, weswegen nie etwas Positives geschieht.

Part I: Der Betrug an Tausenden von Studenten mit ungültigen Diplomen, durch Betrugs Universitäten in Albanien

Universität New York – Tirana

Part II:

The New York Times

February 12, 2012

In Albania, Can a U.S. Diploma Deliver?


TIRANA, ALBANIA — Rising above the dingy back streets of the Albanian capital, the silhouette, instantly recognizable, shines out like a promise: the Statue of Liberty, symbol of America, land of opportunity — and also the logo of the University of New York, Tirana (U.N.Y.T.), where students pay more than $32,500 for what a sign in the lobby describes as “the only real European and American education” in the country.

On its elaborate Web site, U.N.Y.T. paints a glowing picture of students enjoying a typical American university experience — complete with student union, college sports, and campus social life — without having to ever leave Albania. Although known locally as “New York University-Tirana” — the name listed on its official charter from the Albanian government — the school has no connection with the campus in Greenwich Village. Nor does it have a dining hall, dormitories, gym, or stadium — the Web page covering sports has been “under construction” for more than a year. The photograph of a library, featured on the cover of the school’s handsomely printed brochure, was in fact taken elsewhere, school officials concede.

Bevis Fusha for the International Herald Tribune

The entrance to the University of New York, Tirana.


“SUNY is at the leading edge of commercialization, but in these days of financial pressure others will be close behind,” said Philip Altbach. By relying on self-assessment, he warns, “American accreditors are leaving the fox to regulate the chicken coop.”

D.D. Guttenplan (12 February 2012), In Albania, Can a U.S. Diploma Deliver?, The New York Times, retrieved February 14, 2012

Salih Berisha education Mafia: Tonin Gjuraj

Tonin Qjuraj

Tonin Gjuraj, wurde Botschafter, obwohl das Diplomatische Gesetz vorschreibt, das man mindestens 15 Jahre im Auswärtigen Amte und in Diploamtischen Missionen gearbeitet hat, was wieder einmal Alles sagt, weil solche Posten praktisch auch unter Salih Berisha, direkt an die Mafia verkauft werden. Lebensläufe, Arbeits Tätigkeiten sind wilde gefälschte Storys, wie immer in Albanien und wertlos, wie auch sein Professoren Titel.

Universität of New York, Tirana

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