Albaniens Banditen Regierung Salih Berisha / Ilir Meta – Gov’t practices are hurting investments in Albania, firm says

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Nichts Neues, von der Front, der dümmsten Mafia der Welt! Das Land wird zerstört, weil keine Gesetze gelten nur das Banditen Recht.
Nečas goes to bat for ČEZ

Gov’t practices are hurting investments in Albania, firm says


Posted: April 18, 2012

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Nečas goes to bat for ČEZ


Walter Novak

The government has intervened after energy giant ČEZ complained of problems with an Albanian acquisition, an electricity distribution company in which ČEZ is heavily invested, now posting big losses.

ČEZ says Albanian regulators boosted power prices 91 percent with a tax at the beginning of this year. The tax drove up costs for the state-owned electricity producer, which has a monopoly on electricity supplies to ČEZ Shperndarje, the ČEZ-owned electricity distribution company. As a result, ČEZ Shperndarje has posted increasing losses since January. ČEZ said it can’t pass the price increases on to customers.

Prime Minister Petr Nečas, who visited Albania with ČEZ CEO Daniel Beneš April 16 to discuss the disagreement with Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha, said all disputes can be resolved through negotiations.

„We are interested in the success of Czech companies and ČEZ’s acquisitions here in Albania. I have been assured today the Albanian government is also interested in the acquisition being a success,“ Nečas told reporters at a press conference in the capital, Tirana.

Following weeks of negotiations, ČEZ Shperndarje agreed with the Albanian government in early March to share the losses. The agreement required that ČEZ invest additional funds in ČEZ Shperndarje in exchange for having the tax decision reversed; however, no acceptable regulatory conditions have been set that would ensure ČEZ Shperndarje can be profitable, according to ČEZ.

„ČEZ Shperndarje cannot continue operating for much longer while making such financial losses,“ ČEZ spokeswoman Eva Nováková said. „A solution must be found in the coming weeks.“

The World Bank provided a 60 million euro (1.5 billion Kč/$79 million) guarantee on loans for the project, which could be called in if the Albanian government fails to honor its obligations.

ČEZ and its Albanian distribution company can also try to claim compensation from the Albanian government for all the losses and damages incurred by the regulator’s tariff increase, Nováková said.

„ČEZ is not happy about the steps currently being taken; nevertheless, it has the obligation to protect the company’s value for investors and shareholders,“ Nováková said.

„ČEZ Shperndarje has also continued its negotiations with the Albanian authorities and hopes to find an amicable solution.“

Nečas noted that as the largest shareholder of the World Bank, the United States should also take an interest in resolving ČEZ’s Albania problem.

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