Partner von Salih Berisha Mafia Ministern: 40 Jahre Haft in Italien – in Albanien Stadrat: Fatmir Kajolli festgenommen

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Auf Grund eines Italienischen Haft Befehles (verurteilt zu 16 Jahre + 24 Jahre Haft), wurde heute der verurteilte Schwer Verbrecher Fatmir Kajolli festgenommen, Bau Unternehmer in Fiere. Wie alle Schwer Verbrecher, sitzt man auch im Stadtrat von Fiere.

Direktor Schutzherr: Salih Berisha, Fatmir Mediu: Die Verhaftung wurde bereits 2006, durch Innenminister Sokol Olldashi verhindert und 2011 durch Innenminister Lulzim Basha, wie Justiz Minister Enkeled Alibeaj zuvor. Die Albanische Polizei besitzt die Interpol Fahnungsliste deshalb nicht, weil sie selbst vor aller Augen erneut Motor und Schutzherr der Albanischen Verbrecher Clans ist, wie heute die Generalstaats Anwältin Ina Rama mitteilte. Deswegen ist sie Feindbild der Salih Berisha – Josefina Topalli Banden.

Natürlich wieder ein Bau Unternehmer, tief in die übelsten Verbrechen, wie auch Kindes Entführung, Sex Sklave- Drogen Handel verwickelt und ein Super Capo. Eng mit den anderen Super Verbrecher Clans verbunden rund um die SHIAK – Xhafozotaj Mafia.

Wie auch von den Söhnen der Gangster Spartak Braho, oder Arta Dade bekannt, schiesst man sich direkt mit der Waffe auch Partei Interne Streitigkeiten aus. Fatmir Kajolli, Zierde der PD in Fiere! Primitiver wie ein Tier, wie schon die übelsten Zuhältereien in Italien zeigten, inklusive Schmuggler Boot Besitzer. In Durres, und Vlore ist die Verbrecher Struktur rund um das Rathaus und die Präfektur noch schlimmer. Bezirks Ausschuss – “Keshillit te Qarkut” sind in Albanien reine Verbrecher Strukturen, welche ohne Gesetz arbeiten.

Fatmir Mediu Fatmir Kajolli

10 APR 12 / 18:12:34
Albanian Politician Arrested for Drug Trafficking
Fatmir Kajolli, a councillor from Fier with ties to several ministers, was arrested on Monday based on an Italian warrant, accused of drug trafficking and association with organized crime.
Besar Likmeta BIRN Tirana
In a statement on Tuesday, Albanian police said they had arrested Kajolli because he was wanted in Italy for two convictions from courts in Rome and Milan carrying total sentences of 40 years’ imprisonment.

“Kajolli’s arrest came after the Rome court jailed him in 2001 for narcotics trafficking for 24 years while another verdict in 2000 from Milan sentenced him to 16 years’ imprisonment,” police said.

It’s unclear why police waited so long to execute the arrest warrant against Kajolli. Since the entrance into force of an extradition agreement between Albania and Italy in August 2011, nearly 30 suspects wanted mostly for narcotics trafficking have been arrested in Albania.

Kajolli is known as a businessman with ties to the Minister of Environment and head of the Republican Party, Fatmir Mediu.

A cable from the US embassy in Tirana published by WikiLeaks identified Kajolli as part of scheme to rig the 2009 parliamentary elections, together with two government ministers.

“Circumstantial evidence links [Minister of Transport] Olldashi and Fatmir Kajolli in Fier to [former] Minister of Justice Enkelejd Alibeaj in a scheme to release prisoners from jails to act as electoral bullies,” ex-US ambassador John Wither wrote to the US State Department.

– Sokol Oldashi:  Olldashi, the current Minister of Public  Works, Transport, and Telecommunication and DP MP from Fier,
is suspected of smuggling goods and narcotics.
Circumstantial evidence links Olldashi and Fatmir Kajolli in
Fier to Minister of Justice Enkelejd Alibeaj in a scheme to
release prisoners from jails to act as electoral bullies.
¶3. (C) Comment:  Post is not sure which tack the ODIHR report
on the Albanian elections will take once released, but it is
widely accepted locally that many MPs posing as “businessmen”
are in fact strongly suspected of having ties to organized
These individuals are now MPs, have immunity under
the law, and are responsible for making the laws that will
propel Albania toward further Euro-Atlantic integration.  The
seedy, possibly criminal, behavior of many of Albania’s MPs
is disturbing and does not bode well for democratic
development.  It is a widely held view throughout Albania
that all parties have MPs with links to organized crime and
accept money from organized crime.  This is a very troubling
phenomenon that we and the international community will have
to address at some point in the future. ……..

Mediu dhe Kajolli kane nje miqësi te hereshme nga viti 90 dhe ka dyshime te besueshme per biznese te perbashketa. Po ashtu Mediu ka punësuar shume njerez te afert te tij. G . Kajolli eshte shofer shoqerues i Mediut dhe njihet si nip i Kajollit ndersa Muharrem Kajolli eshte drejtor i burimeve njerezore ne Ministri te Mbrojtes ne kohen qe ishte Mediu minister. Aktualisht vellai i Fatmir Kajollit, eshte pjese e kabinetit te Ministrit Fatmir Mediu, sic duket dhe nga faksimilja e faqes ne internet te kesaj ministrie.

Graphik Umwelt Ministerium: Direktion!

Die Super Mafia Clan: Hasanbeliu – SHIAK – Durres, undKajolli Clan, sitzen direkt im Direktorim des Minister Rates, um Fatmir Mediu im Umwelt, Forst, Fischerei Minsiterium! Deshalb funktioniert das Ministerium schon seit 15 Jahren nicht mehr, als Mafia Tarnung, ördinärer Banden.


Vet Fatmir Mediu është dënuar në Itali për favorizim të trafikut të drogës, deri në gjykatën e Apelit dhe i ka pushuar çështja në vitin 2004 me ndërhyrje politike nga Shqipëria. Mediu është ndaluar në aeroportin e Milanos dhe më pas është dënuar nga gjykatat e dy shkallëve, pasi u kap duke shoqëruar një të kërkuar për vrasje dhe trafik droge të cilit i kishte nxjerr pasaportë me emër të ndryshuar si drejtues lokal i Partisë Republikane në Berat.

Der Schwer Verbrecher Fatmir Kajolli verhaftet: guter Freund der Minister: Fatmir Mediu, Sokol Olldashi, Enkeled Alibeaj

10.4.2012: CRIMINALS MAKING THE LAWS IN ALBANIA’S PARLIAMENT: Capo de Mafia Fiere:Fatmir Kajolli

Mafia Clan of Democratic Party of Albania
Bevor: Fatos Nano (Ilir Meta Drug Allegations

Mafia Clan of Democratic Party of Albania

Prime Minister Sali Berisha  
  1. kukRexhep ARAPI, resident in Katund Sukth, nicknamed “KEPI” has a criminal record as follows:
  1. The ‘XHAKJA’ clan, residing in Katund Sukth have a criminal record as follows:
  2. ………….
  3. D. Gjoka has been and is one of the biggest traffickers of women with intent of prostitution to Italy. The chief of the girls in Italy has been a girl from Vlora, named Linda, who is currently Dashi’s wife and they have two children. Her brother Miri works at the Supermarket as chief accountant. D. Gjoka is on record in the State Police for International Drugs Trafficking and Women with intent for prostitution, Murder etc.Gjoka Super Market-Shiak! 15 years drug and prostitutions centerThe Gjoka Supermarket is the main center for the trafficking of drugs that comes from Turkey and Macedonia and the supply base for many criminal groups in Durres and Tirana and also the location where the cars that will be traveling to Italy and carrying drugs are supplied. Dashi currently owns an armored vehicle which has the licence plate: DR 51 90 C. It must be noted that Dash Gjoka is the main source of supply for all the drugs suppliers in Albania because it is a well known fact that a close friend and financial supporter of I.M, S. Olldashi. The latter meets with Gjoka almost every week. Oftentimes, the Democratic Party MPs Bamir Topi, Ridvan Bode, S. Olldashi etc come to dine or to supply in this supermarket, since they are close friends with Dashimir Gjoka..
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