Wer wird die Serbische Stahl Schmelz in „Smederevo’“ leiten?

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Eine der vielen Pleiten der Ausländer im Balkan, von der WAZ mit Bodo Hombach, Telekom Projekten, Wasser Kraftwerken welche im Sumpf der Börsen Betrugs Geier untergingen. vor allem der Milliarden schwere Verlust der Österreichischen Banken, welche jeden Betrug der Projekt Entwickler finanzierten und der Internationalen Geldwäsche Mafia.

Businessman negotiates for Serbia

Government wants Mittal to lead the iron plant

Suzana Lakić | 22. 02. 2012. – 02:00h | Foto: Rojters | Comments 0

Serbian Government is in a hurry to sell the iron plant in Smederevo which it recently bought from American ‘US Steel’ for one Dollar. As ‘Blic’ learns, the Government asked one of the biggest Serbian businessmen to make contact with Lakshmi Mittal of India, a well known ‘king of steel’ and the fifth wealthiest man in the world.

Lakshmi Mittal

‘Our businessman is traveling to London today for a preparation meeting with representatives of a British company led by Mittal. After that, a meeting with Mittal should be held.



He is now in India but we do have confirmation that he is interested to talk about strategic partnership with the iron plant (‘Zelezara’) of Smederevo’, ‘Blic’ source says. As we learn Rinat Ahmetov of Ukraine is still a possible buyer of the ‘Zelezara’, but the Government obviously wants to enlarge the list of potential partners.


‘Mittal’ entered Serbian market by purchase of ‘Magnohrom’ factory of Kraljevo and the next step of the ambitious businessmen from India was the ‘Red Star’ FC

Businessmen from India purchased ‘Magnohrom’ in 2006 but were known for poor managing of the factory.


Production in Smederevo as of March 2
At the moment about 400 people are working at ‘Zelezara’. Some of the executives expect that all 5,000 employees return to work on March 2.

Due to violation of contracted obligations the Privatization Agency cancelled the purchasing agreement. The buyer was found to fail to maintain production, invest agreed amount of money and respect provisions of the social program.


Thus employees used to receive their pays with delay while production was cut by thirty percent in relation to that before privatization. The buyer form India offered the best price for purchase of ‘Magnohrom’, EUR 24 millions.

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