Aufregung in Rumänien und Bulgarien, über eine Anti Migration Website

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Der Holländische Nationalist Wilders steckt hinter dieser Website, welche die Diebstahl, Plünderungs Feldzüge, krimineller Banden aus dem Ost Balkan veröffentlichen. Hierüber gibt es nun grosse Aufregung bei der Rumänischen und Bulgarischen Regierung, welche ihre Kriminellen Banden, inklusive Kinder Handel, nach Europa schicken.

Bulgaria, Romania lambast Dutch anti-immigration website

Fri, Feb 10 2012 13:47 CET

byThe Sofia Echo staff


The foreign ministries of Bulgaria and Romania have criticised the website created by Dutch far-right Freedom Party (PVV), which calls on visitors to lodge complaints against immigrants from Central and Eastern Europe.

The introduction on the website, which the party called the „Central and Eastern European hotline“, says: „Are they causing you problems? Or did you lose your job to a Pole, Bulgarian, Romanian or other Central of East European? We would love to hear from you.“

Bulgarian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Vessela Tcherneva said: „The Bulgarian Foreign Ministry finds it unacceptable that a founding member state of the EU, such as the Netherlands, should tolerate incitement to hatred, discrimination and xenophobia, which runs counter to the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union.“

Romania’s foreign ministry said that it had instructed its embassy in the Netherlands to convey its „strong objection concerning the launch of the website, which discriminates workers from Central and Eastern Europe, including Romanians.“ According to reports in Romanian-language media, the ministry said that it hoped that Dutch authorities would take appropriate action against the clearly discriminatory website that breaches European law. …..

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