Serbische Berufs Verbrecher Zvonsko und Zarko Veselinovic festgenommen

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21.12.2011 | 10:24

Man suspected of organizing unrest arrested

Source: TanjugBELGRADE — Zvonko Veselinović from Kosovska Mitrovica and his brother Žarko were arrested Tuesday on Mt. Kopaonik, central Serbia.

They are suspected of involvement in criminal activities, Tanjug has learned at the prosecutor’s office.

They were transferred to Kraljevo, western Serbia, where they should be heard by an investigating judge.

Veselinović and his brother were stopped by the police in a car in which two more people were riding.

The reasons for the arrest „should not have anything to do“ with the statement by KFOR Commander Erhard Drews, who identified Zvonko Veselinović a week ago as the main coordinator of riots at Jagnjenica and Jarinje crossings, Tanjug was told at the Ministry for Kosovo and Metohija.

The ministry said that the Serbian police have no jurisdiction to investigate events that occurred in the territory of Kosovo.

The special prosecutor for organized crime was informed about the arrest of Veselinović, the ministry said.

According to information published by some media, Veselinović was involved in smuggling of oil in Kosovo, was on the payroll of the Kosovo government according to B92 TV, and in the meantime EULEX launched an investigation against him for organizing the riots at Jarinje and Jagnjenica.

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