Dobrosav Gavrić, der Mörder von dem Schlächter „Arkan“ – Željko Ražnatović ist immer noch auf der Flucht

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Geheimdienste meinten damals, das der Mord Auftraggeber, der Sohn von Milosevic sei, weil Arkan ihn bei Geschäften ausbootete. Immer unterwegs mit Internationalen Verbrechern, was nicht verwundern kann.

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Still no confirmation of Arkan killer’s arrest, IM says
SOURCE: B92, BLIC, TANJUG, PRESSBELGRADE — Serbian IM Ivica Dačić says there is no official confirmation that Dobrosav Gavrić, convicted of Željko RažnatovićArkan’s murder, was arrested in Johannesburg.

Dobrosav Gavrić (Večernje Novosti, file)
Dobrosav Gavrić (Večernje Novosti, file)

“The person who was arrested in Johannesburg has been released on bail,” he told reporters.

The interior minister added that the Serbian police had in the meantime forwarded all the information necessary for the identification but that they still had not received any information from South Africa.

Dačić assessed that it was bad that the information had appeared in the Serbian media because the process to determine the suspect’s identity would take several weeks. He said that somebody had intentionally published the information about Gavrić’s arrest in order to warn him that he was not safe and that he should run away and hide.

On the other hand, the Belgrade media have reported that Serbian intelligence services took part in Gavrić’s arrest in South Africa while South African media claim that he was arrested after he was wounded in a mafia shootout in March.

Gavrić, who had a small amount of cocaine on him at the time of the arrest, should soon face a trial for drug trafficking.

He was shot in the chest while driving a BMW X5 in March. South African mafia boss Cyril Beeka was with him in the car when two men fired at them and it is suspected that they were trained killers since Beeka was first shot in the eye and then five more times in the head.

Gavrić was sentenced to 35 years in prison for Ražnatović’s murder in Serbia in 2006. Ražnatović, who was a commander of Tigers paramilitary unit, was killed on January 15, 2000 in Belgrade. Gavrić’s accomplices Milan Đuričić and Dragan Nikolić aka Gagi were both sentenced to 30 years in prison. Aside from Ražnatović, his friends Milenko Mandić aka Manda and former federal MUP officer Dragan Garić aka Garo were killed and a passer-by was seriously injured.

Gavrić and Đuričić escaped Serbia before the sentencing and international warrants for their arrest were issued. At the trial they denied being involved in the murders and claimed they had been at the crime scene by accident.

The Serbian media recently reported that Gavrić had been secretly visiting his family in the western Serbian town of Loznica and that he had allegedly been seen in some restaurants in the area. B92

Police search the car in which underworld boss Cyril Beeka was shot dead in an apparent hit. (Leanne Stander, Die Burger)

Police search the car in which underworld boss Cyril Beeka was shot dead in an apparent hit. (Leanne Stander, Die Burger)