Unerwünscht in Europa und in den USA: die Top primitiven Gangster: Hashim Thaci und Salih Berisha

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Das Kabinett des Kosovo-Premiers Hashim Taqi hat den Staatschefs der 27 EU-Länder Anträge für einen Besuch in diesen Ländern gesandt, und alle wurden abgelehnt, schreibt das deutsche Blatt Tagesspiegel und überträgt das in Pristina erscheinende Zeri. Der Tagesspiegel schreibt, Taqis Anträge seien abgelehnt worden weil der begründete Verdacht besteht, dass er in organisiertes Verbrechen verwickelt ist.

German daily: Thaci involved in organized crime
PRIŠTINA — Kosovo PM Hashim Thaci’s government has sent 27 invitations to EU member states’s leaders to visit Kosovo, Berlin-based daily Der Tagesspiegel has reported.

Die im Artikel erwähnte Militär Studie, welche International zititiert wird seit Jahren.

Kosovo by the Institute for European Policy commissioned by the German Bundeswehr

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Hashim Thaci
According to the German daily, Thaci’s invitations were rejected under suspicion that he is involved in organized crime.

Kosovo officials have, however, rejected the article as irrelevant and Deputy Prime Minister Hajredin Kuci has refused to comment on it.

“I didn’t read it, so I cannot comment on it,” he told Priština-based Albanian language daily Zeri.

Kosovo opposition parties’ representatives say that the article shows the “invisible” side of the government and isolation of Kosovo.

Self-Determination Movement’s Florin Krasniqi says that if someone looked at Thaci’s luxurious way of life it would be easy to understand that he does not make a living off his monthly salary, “but that he is involved in business and criminal activities”.

“Thaci comes to Kosovo assembly sessions wearing Hermes ties that cost EUR 300 to 500. Only a criminal or a billionaire businessman can afford such ties,” he explained.

“I think that Thaci belongs to the first category and the whole world knows that he is a plan criminal,” Krasniqi added.

He also claims he has proof that the Kosovo prime minister is involved in organized crime.

“Kosovo has two options – to keep Thaci or build itself. We, the citizens, need to decide whether we want to defend Thaci or to build Kosovo as a democratic state,” the Self-Determination Movement official stressed.

Alliance for the Future of Kosovo (AAK) official Burim Ramadani points out that Thaci has isolated Kosovo.

“We witness that there are no visits on a high level. Kosovo remains an isolated country due to suspicions regarding Thaci. It is harmful and it affects Kosovo,” he pointed out.

The AAK official added that he did not read the article in the German daily but that he did not doubt that Thaci’s requests were rejected.

Analysts point out that articles such as the one in Der Tagesspiegel additionally tarnish Kosovo’s reputation.

Political analyst Avni Zogiani says he is not surprised that the world leaders refuse to meet with Kosovo government officials because he believes “that Kosovo leaders are corrupt criminals”.

According to him, the opinion that Kosovo leaders are involved in organized crime is also keeping potential investors away.








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