8 verletzte KFOR Soldaten, bei der Räumung der Barrikaden im Nord Kosovo

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Das Ulitmatum, zur Räumung war Montags! Die KFOR musste nun reagieren, um sich nicht total lächerlich zumachen.

20 OCT 2011 / 09:29
NATO Starts to Demolish Kosovo Barricades
KFOR peacekeepers started removing the first barricades in Northern Kosovo at dawn on Thursday. Kosovo police says Serb protesters threw stones but no other violence occurred.

Fatmir Aliu Pristina
NATO peacekeepers in Kosovo, KFOR, started removing barricades in the Serb-run north of Kosovo on Thursday morning, eyewitnesses said.

A local resident near Zupce said KFOR started its operations in the dawn hours.

“KFOR first started gathering machinery right after midnight. At 5am we heard the first KFOR warnings on a megaphone and then the bulldozers started releasing the roadblock in Zupce,” the man from the Albanian village of Cabra, near the Serb village of Zupce, in Zubin Potok municipality, said.

KFOR had earlier said it would start removing Serbian roadblocks by a Tuesday deadline.

Local Serbs put up the barricades in protest against the deployment of Kosovo government customs staff on two border crossings with Serbia, at Jarinje and Brnjak.

While KFOR has yet to confirm the news of the operation, Kosovo Police confirmed reports of the removal of a roadblock in Zupce, and of a second one at Jagnjenica.

“No serious incidents have been recorded since the operation started,” police spokesman Besim Hoti told Balkan Insight.

“Although the Serbs from the barricades did throw stones at the [KFOR] soldiers … at Jagnjenica while the bulldozers were removing the barricades,” he added.

Serbian media reported that KFOR used teargas to disperse the crowd of people manning the roadblock at Jagnjenica village, close to the Brnjak crossing.

The Belgrade-based daily Blic said around 600 people gathered at the Jagnjenica barricade to protest against KFOR actions.

Over the past few months Serbs have built about 16 barricades in the four northern Serb-run municipalities of northern Kosovo.

KFOR’s move follows weeks of negotiation with local Serb mayors who refused to remove any roadblocks before Pristina had withdrawn its personnel from the northern border crossings.

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