Am Samstag hat die erste Volks Befragung in Albanien begonnen

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man beginnt praktisch in Mazedonien ebenso mit einer Befragung, was für Zukunftsplanungen wichtig ist.

started in Albania

No participation of 8 ethnic groups including „Omonia“


Census officially started

The population and residence registration has officially started throughout Albania. From this Monday, the registration teams will start knocking on every door.

The representatives of the Red and Black Alliance, which has constantly opposed the part of this process that requires residents to declare their ethnicity and religion, declared in front of INSTAT that this process also violates the recent decision of the Constitutional Court.

“INSTAT and other state administration offices, which are paid with our taxes, have violated the decision of the Constitutional Court. We appeal all Albanian citizens to rip the forms when the registration teams will knock on their doors. This action is not against the law and the constitution, since the law has called these questions as facultative”, declared the RBA representative.

The Minister of Innovation and Technology, Genc Pollo, appealed the citizens to participate in this process, which is being held for the first time after 10 years.

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