Fake Kampf gegen die Korruption in Albanien und Salih Berisha und seine Taliban Mafia

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Die Welt hat noch nie so krimenelle, dumme und korrupte Politiker gesehen, welche im Bereich Total Idioten anzusiedeln sind, weil man ja wie bewiesen sogar 8 Moerder freiliess und jede Menge anderer Verbrecher, damit man fuer die Wahlen, die Finanzierung des Wahlkampfes erhaelt. Allen voran: Enkeled Alibeaj, Sokol Olldashi, Lulzim Basha, aber auch viele andere Kriminelle, welche in solchen Dingen aktiv wurden.

Lost Battle against corruption

Lost Battle against corruption

The Institution of Statistics published for the first time the results of a poll that tries to measure the real corruption level in Albania, by asking 5700 citizens all over the country. The results show that 1 in 3 citizens that knock on state administration doors, either pays, either has been asked for a bribe.

“28% of the Albanian citizens that answered to the questionnaire have been exposed to bribes. 19.3 of them have paid a bribe in the last 12 months”, says Anisa Omuri, from Instat INSTAT.

The most shocking phenomenon is that the Albanian citizens pay for receiving a public service that they are entitled to receive for free. The poll shows that most of the bribes are paid in hospitals for doctors and nurses.

“70% of them pay bribes for better treatment,  9% for accelerating the procedures, and 12 % for finalizing the procedures or for showing gratitude”, Omuri declared.

But how does the corruption machinery work in Albania?

“In 30% of the cases, the bribe is paid voluntarily by the citizens. 50% is insinuated to them by the state officials. In 10% of the cases it is explicitly asked by the respective official or a mediator”, Omuri declared.

PM Salih Berisha feuert den Kultur- Sport und Tourisminister Yilli Pango, wegen Seksual Delikt was im TV veröffentlicht wurde.

Nachdem ein Video über ein Bewerbungs Gespräch mit Ylli Pango gesendet wurde, wo Ylli Pango Sex für einen Job im Ministerium verlangt, hat man einen neuen

Fine against Top Channel rejected

Fine against Top Channel rejected

The Court of Appeal rejected the decision of the Tirana Court of First Degree, issued one year ago by Judge Agim Bendo, who fined Top-Channel with 400.000 EUR for having broadcasted in the investigative program “Fiks Fare” a video-scandal that showed the former Minister and former MP Ylli Pango asking sexual favors in exchange of a job at the Ministry.

The decision was taken today by the panel led by Judge Flutura Skenderi, and the members Ilir Toska and Astrit Kalaja. Judge Flutura Skenderi announced that this decision will be returned to the Court of Tirana for being reviewed by another judge panel.

This decision says that since during the first trial – in which Judge Bendo fined Top-Channel – were not followed the necessary steps, now that the case will be returned, it will undergo a full investigation.

On March 2009, Top Channel’s investigative program “Fiks Fare” reported a member of the Council of Minister, then Minister of Tourism, Culture, Youth and Sports, Ylli Pango, while abusing with his duty.

“Fiks Fare” showed through hidden cameras that the Minister asked sexual favors from a young girl who was looking for a job at the Ministry. During a meeting at the house of this Government member, where the girl was told to hand over the required documents, Pango tried to abuse with her.

“When a woman is courageous, everything can be fixed. It depends on how courageous she is. You can participate at the tourism fair, with a bathing suit. But I want to see your exposure first”, Pango told her on camera.

The Minister tried to make the girl take her shirt off, despite her refusals.

“You will take your shirt off for other people, how can you not take it off for me? If you can’t feel at ease with me, it means that you cannot…,” Pango added to the girl. In exchange of the sexual favors, the Minister promised the girl a job.

“You will be by my side in fairs. You will be fairly paid”, Pango lured her.

Right after the scandal was broadcasted, the Prime Minister dismissed Pango from his duties and the decision was quickly decreed by the Albanian President. The reaction about this scandal came from many right and left centered MPs, journalists and representatives from the civil society, even in foreign media.
>Kabllogrami “Basha-Olldashi-Alibeaj”: Emrat e 8 vrasësve të liruar për fushatën elektorale
Shekulli Sot|22/09/2011 07:51
Kabllogrami “Basha-Olldashi-Alibeaj”: Emrat e 8 vrasësve të liruar për fushatën elektorale
Lindita Çela

Disa ditë më parë në valën e botimeve të kabllogrameve të Ambasadës Amerikane të Tiranës, bëri përshtypje të thellë në publik një nga kabllogramet, ku renditeshin 7 politikanë të lartë nga partitë kryesore në vend, të cilët Ambasada i rendiste si të lidhur me botën e krimit.

Për tre nga këta politikanë të kësaj liste të Ambasadës, thuhej se janë përfshirë në lirimin e të burgosurve në prag të fushatës elektorale të zgjedhjeve të vitit 2009 në formë shpërblimesh për ndihmën që këta të dënuar apo familjet e tyre dhanë në fushatën elektorale të PD-së.

Tre politikanët në fjalë, me të cilët lidhej kjo akuzë, janë Lulzim Basha, kryetari me procedurë i Bashkisë së Tiranës, ministri Olldashi dhe ish-ministri Alibeaj. “Shekulli” ka mundur të sigurojë një raport, nga i cili është furnizuar me informacion Ambasada për të hartuar kabllogramin në fjalë. Në këtë raport hetues që është dorëzuar asokohe në disa ambasada të rëndësishme të Tiranës, bie në sy që të gjithë të burgosurit e listës janë të dënuar për krime shumë të rënda (8 për vrasje) dhe ata të gjithë janë liruar në kundërshtim me ligjin në të njëjtën datë: 19 qershor 2009, 9 ditë para zgjedhjeve të 28 qershorit. Më poshtë pjesë nga ky raport. Personat e renditur në të janë vetëm ata për të cilët hartuesit e raportit kanë paraqitur prova që kanë lidhje me akuzën e lirimit, me qëllim fushatën elektorale. Raporti përmban edhe një listë të dytë me 33 të burgosur të tjerë (6 nga burgu i Lezhës, 5 nga burgu i Peqinit dhe 21 nga burgu i Rrogozhinës), për të cilët autorët e raportit, shprehen me rezerva për qëllimin e lirimit. Më poshtë, pjesë nga raporti ku është mbështetur raportimi i Ambasadës për Uashingtonin:

8.1     ANEKSI I



Wikileaks cables ueber die Gangster der Politik

03/09/2011 08:46

Kabllogrami,15 ditë pas zgjedhjeve të përgjithshme: Kryebashkiaku Lulzim Basha, ministri Sokol Olldashi, numri 2 i PS, Gramoz Ruçi, deputetët Tom […]

Law Breakers Turned Law Makers

¶2. © Some of the more noteworthy MPs with ties to organized
crime are:

– Tom Doshi: An SP MP from Shkoder, Doshi, singled out in
the Human Rights Report for physically assaulting a
journalist in the Sheraton Hotel, was a key figure in
financing SP electoral efforts. He is known as the richest
MP, with a declared fortune of more than $15 million and is
also suspected of trafficking narcotics. Doshi served in the
previous parliament as a DP MP, before switching sides to the
SP shortly before the election.

– Lefter Koka: Representing LSI from Durres, Koka is a
member of perhaps the most notorious organized crime family
in Albania, with ties to narcotics and human trafficking and
other illicit activities.

– Sokol Oldashi: Olldashi, the current Minister of Public
Works, Transport, and Telecommunication and DP MP from Fier,
is suspected of smuggling goods and narcotics.
Circumstantial evidence links Olldashi and Fatmir Kajolli in
Fier to Minister of Justice Enkelejd Alibeaj in a scheme to
release prisoners from jails to act as electoral bullies.

– Lulzim Basha: According to one SP source, FM Basha, who
represents the DP in Elbasan, was involved in facilitating
the release from prison of a notorious criminal in Elbasan in
return for support from the criminal’s family. Relatives of
the criminal promised to „organize“ people in Elbasan to
support Basha. The criminal was released on June 29, the day
after the elections.

– Paulin Sterkaj: The 48 year old DP MP from Shkoder is a
former professional wrestler with little to no formal
education. Sterkaj was previously in the SP and has been
accused by a former friend of murdering a politician in
Shkoder a few years ago. Sterkaj claims to have business
interests in oil, restaurants, and construction, but little
is known about his activities.

– Gramoz Ruci: SP MP and party General Secretary, Ruci has
long-standing ties to narcotics traffickers and organized
crime. Ruci has also been banned from entering the U.S.
since 2005 due to a permanent visa ineligibility.

TIRANA 00000552 002 OF 002

transparency or tradition of small donors supporting their
favorite candidates, criminals are an easy source of campaign


freigelassene Moerder, Gangster, Drogenbosse, durch die primitive Taliban Mafia Minister Mafia des Salih Berisha, Sokol Olldashi, Enkeled Alibeaj, Lulzim Basha: Isa Doci, Marjan Lukaj, Shpetim Beqiri, Emiljano Domi, Artan Goxhaj, Arjan Sina, Bujar Sinjari, Altin Patoku, Spartak Kazazi, Skender Kulla, Ilir Tosku, Sokol Genica!

Aber noch viel mehr, wie wir schon frueher berichteten, weil diese Moerder und Gangster, ueberall die militanten PD Mafia Gruppen finanzierten und anfuehrten. Hinzu kommen Gestalten wie Hekuran Hoxha und Co., rund um die Dashamir Gjoka Mafia, des Sokol Olldashi und Salih Berisha.

Mafia Clan of Democratic Party of Albania

Prime Minister Sali Berisha
  1. kukRexhep ARAPI, resident in Katund Sukth, nicknamed “KEPI” has a criminal record as follows:
  1. In the year 1991 (in March) he has killed at the Port of Durrës, for feud issues the citizen A. Cyrbja, resident in the Katund Sukth village; has been arrested for this crime in 1994 and has been released because of lack of evidence.
  2. …………

00. DARDAN DOMI, residing in Shijak, currently holds the position of the General Secretary in the Ministry of Interiors, (or Human Resources Director in the MI), former head of the DP of Shijak, head of Team for Mr. Olldashi during the elections in july 2005. The coordinator and brain of all the abovementioned criminal links for Mr. Olldashi and his most loyal men.



18.9.2011: Salih Berisha/Ilir Meta/Fatos Nano – Mafia: Tradioneller Partner der „Sacra Corona Unita“ und „N’drangheta“

SP: Italian mafia in waste management business



SP: Italian mafia in waste management business

Although the opposition has strongly opposed the law of waste management, the ruling Party MPs approved the draft in today’s Parliamentary session.

The Socialists opposed and accused the Democrats of allowing dangerous waste materials to enter our country, which doesn’t have the capacities for keeping them under control.

“Your initiatives were presented to the country based on the propositions for processing the domestic waste materials with burning implants, bringing waste materials from foreign countries and for depositing even radioactive substances inside abandoned mines. Poor countries like Albania are targeted by the mafia that operates for making great benefits by depositing and eliminating dangerous waste materials. Unfortunately, the transition of these wastes through our territory holds great risks due to the lack of capacities and the high tendencies of corruption in Albania. We will not be surprised to know one day that the pollution problem is being resolved with one of this government’s clients, when it is known that several groups see Albania as an oasis where people can profit by depositing dangerous materials”, Ruka declared.

Proteste in Tirana, mit Ausfuehrungen eines Umwelt Experten!

The Socialist MP, Arben Malaj addressed to the Majority by saying that with the law that has been proposed by them, every Albanian investor has the right to build a large plant and say to the government after six months that they don’t have anymore capacity, because the maximal capacity of the Albanian waste materials is known in theory.

“You will incite investments in this industry, which will not be based on cleaning the Albanian environment, but will focus on the waste management business”, Malaj declared.

In his speech, the Socialist MP Taulant Balla declared that the draft law has been ordered by mafia interests from other countries that want to build such implants in Albania for burying their waste materials.

“According to the ‘Scoria’ project, the second volume planned by the Regional Agency for Preventing Pollution and Protecting Environment, centered in Puglia, Albania needs more implants not for its own waste materials, but for those of Europe. The report, after consulting the plans with the Albanian government, mentions that these these big companies will be the ones to build the waste processing plants. The cities chosen are Vlora, Elbasani, Berati and Gjirokaster, with a total value of 120 million EUR”, Balla declared.

According to him, the Wikileaks data show among other things what the US Consul in Napoli has written:

“Camorra and Ndranghetta have set their eyes over Albania for the waste management business, because there is being approved a law for processing inert materials and the Albanian government is opening its doors to this project.”

“The Consul advises the US State Department to take measures and inform the Albanian government to avoid this danger that threatens them from the two biggest Italian mafia organizations”, Balla declared.

The law for managing the waste materials has a cost of 132 million EUR, part of which will be used for constructing the landfills.

“This law provides the import of waste materials only for recycling them and prevents the importation of dangerous waste materials,” declared the Director of Policies at the Environment Ministry, Pellumb Abeshi.

Opposition MPs opposed 50% of the clauses of this law, and emphasized that the import of waste materials in the country is being urged by big businesses of this industry.

The law for the waste materials is part of the EU recommendations.


vom Juni 2011, Report, ueber diese Mafia


Ndragheta, Camorra – Albanische Mafia ab 2000, in Cooperations mit der Deutschen Politischen Mafia


Natuerlich wird Alles boykottiert, was Demokratie heisst, denn es geht ja bei der Opposition um die Mega Geldwaesche Bauten und Grundstuecke in Albanien und deren Legalisierung.

SHIS Geheimdienst Bericht Teil 1SHIS Geheimdienst Bericht Teil III


Der Umwelt Minister Fatmir Mediu, als Partner der Italienischen “Camorra“, will Müll Import Geschäfte machen

Müll Zustand normal in Albanien, bei den Mafiösen Clans und Stadt Verwaltungen: Hier in Sarande in 2010

Der neueste Einfall des Mafiösen Umwelt Minister, nach seinem Treibstoff Schmuggel vor 15 Jahren nach Jugoslawien (UN Embargo), und der engsten Zusammenarbeit mit der Serben Mafia auch um Damir Fazllic und Freunde des Serbischen Geheimdienstes, Drogen Geschäfte mit der Drogen Boss Familie des Gazmend Mahmutaj, Betrugs Waffen Geschäfte um die Gerdec Kathastrophe, ist nun der weitere Ausbau mit der Italienischenhttp://www.albania.de/alb/wp-admin/post.php?action=edit&post=2580 “Camorra“, vor allem im Müll Geschäft, als Partner der Italienischen Mafia. Das die Italienische Mafia, im Müll auch giftige Chemikalien und sogar Atom Müll entsorgt, aber ebenso im Meer vor Süd Italien entsorgt ist Geschichte. Nun hat man mit dem sogenannten Minister Fatmir Mediu (der in jedem Rechts Staat, im Gefängniss sitzen würde, wie sein US Partner in den USA und auch in Albanien angeklagt ist und sich hinter seiner Immunität versteckt), eine erfahrenen Berufs Verbrecher gefunden,
fatmir Mediu
illegale Luxus Villa, des Fatmir Mediu in Mali e Robit, im Drecks Loch von der Touristik Anlage: Mali e Robit, wo alle Abwässer im Meer entsorgt werden, vor aller Augen. Als Nachbarn, die Prominenz der Fatos Nano Verbrecher Banden, wie Mihal Delijorgjit und die Prominenz der Albaner Mafia.
Fatimir Mediu hat auch seine illegal errichtete Luxus Villa in Mali e Robit nicht angegeben hat, bei der Vermögens Erklärung. Selbst bei starker Öl Verschmutzung, des Profi Betrüger Rezart Taci, einem Geschäftsfreund, wird nicht vergegangen. Der PM, zu diesem Müll Import in ein Land, was zugemüllt wird, ohne Ausssicht auf Besserung, wegen den kriminellen Umtrieben der Minister Ebene und korrupten Beamtenschaft, wo der PM vom Geheimdienst SHIS, seit Monaten einen Akten Ordner über die Verwicklung höchster Beamter und Minister Ebene mit der Mafia hat. In der beliebten Comedy Sendung Fiks Fare, macht man sich schon lustig, über diese angeblichen Recling Import mit der Italienischen Mafia.

Der Mafia Umwelt Minister Fatmir Mediu, kann nun den “Camorra” Müll, Zollfrei in Albanien importieren


Wenn eine Mafös unterwanderte Oppositions Partei SP, sich in einem undemokratischen Kaspar Theater selbst eliminiert, artet natürlich auch die von der Albaner Mafia finanzierte Regierung, mit etlichen prominenten Profi Mafia Ministern aus. Für Drecks Geschäfte, waren etliche Minister vor 10 Jahren schon gut dokumentiert, vor allem Ilir Meta.

Organisations Zentrale der Bau Maschinen – Luxus Autos – Drogen Drehscheibe in Durres Albanien. erbaut von einem heutigem Minister der Albanischen Regierung schon in 1996, links an der Auffahrt zur Villa Zogu, und damals direkt als Nachbar davor: Sokol Kociu der Haupt Organisations Chef, der Albaner Drogen Kartelle, neben Daut Karidovsky. 1996 ein Lokal mit Löwen Bräu Bier und total illegal in den Öffentlichen Schloßpark durch die Super US-Albaniche Drogen und Verbrcher Mafia gebaut. heute weiter ausgebaut und immer Luxus Autos davor, der Top Albanischen US Mafia, des Gambino Clans, wo das FBI und die NATO schon 2003 warnte.

Europa wurde vor vielen Jahren schon gewarnt vor diesen Verbrecher Banden des Gambino, Luchese, Genovese Clans, weil Selbige die grösste Gefahr für Europa darstellen und zwar nicht nur in den FBI Reports zu lesen


Der Ex-Boss der ‘ndrangheta Francesco Fonti, gibt umfangreiche Auskunft, über die Müll Versorgung im Ionischen Meer, und das er das scharf verurteilt. Darunter 30 Schiffe allein, mit Radioaktiven und Chemischen Müll.

Complotto sotto il mare
di Riccardo Bocca

Rifiuti tossici inabissati in mare. Con coperture eccellenti. In un giro di auto diplomatiche e soldi in Svizzera. Le nuove rivelazioni del pentito della ‘ndrangheta che ha fatto trovare il primo relitto. Colloquio con Francesco Fonti
(17 settembre 2009)
Reggio de Callabria


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