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| Friday 16.09.2011 | 09:12
UN Security Council didn’t support Priština, FM says
Source: B92, Tanjug

NEW YORK — Majority of UN Security Council members does not support unilateral actions announced by Priština, Serbian Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremić said in New York.
The UN Security Council
The UN Security Council

He told reporters after a UN Security Council session that EULEX and KFOR had not received Security Council’s support to transport Kosovo customs officers to administrative checkpoints in northern Kosovo.

“That is an illegal and illegitimate action and neither the (UN) secretary general nor the UN Security Council support it,” Jeremić stressed.

In his address to the UN Security Council late on Thursday, the minister warned that unless immediate and decisive action was taken, “in less than twenty-four hours, an incursion into the territory will be launched out of Priština – with unforeseen consequences for the entire region.”

“Should the operation announced by Priština proceed, both security and political ramifications for the entire region will be substantial,” he said, adding that “the continuation of the dialogue between Serbia and Priština would be seriously undermined, as would the implementation of what has been agreed so far.“

“For the past several months, the situation in Kosovo has been deteriorating,” the minister said, adding that “on numerous occasions throughout the summer, Priština chose to act in a deliberately provocative manner, despite the real progress made in the Brussels-based dialogue.”

He added that Belgrade had reacted positively and thus had helped prevent the situation from getting out of hand.

“Despite the fact that the ethnic-Albanian authorities in Priština did not suffer any consequences for having resorted to the unilateral use of force on July 25, Serbia decided to re-engage constructively in the dialogue, for the sake of regional peace and stability,” the Serbian foreign minister stressed.

“We call on all the residents of the province to refrain from violence,” Jeremić stressed.

He stated that after the September 2 agreement, Serbia had a “good-faith expectation that future rounds of dialogue would result in further agreements, and that the tensions would begin to calm down,” but pointed out that instead “increasingly bellicose announcements” by Priština had turned the situation around.

“Yesterday, diplomatic representatives of the so-called Quint Group of Countries – namely France, Germany, Italy, Great Britain and the U.S. – formally notified us in Belgrade of these plans (by Priština to impose control over Gates 1 and 31), and of the roles the international missions in which they participate would play in carrying them out. Our response was firm and unwavering. For the Serbian government and people, any imposed outcome is totally unacceptable,” said Jeremić.

He pointed out that the civilian population of northern Kosovo would refuse “to bow before the plans hatched by agents of an authority they consider to be completely illegitimate.” ………….

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